Pirelli F1 and GP2 tyres identical – a good idea or a joke

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    It seems Pirelli is now considering using exactly the same tyres for GP2 as they do for F1 (or the other way around).

    The advantages

    – better experience for GP2 drivers as they learn the rubber

    – Marketing advantage for Pirelli

    – Cost advantage for Pirelli

    – Enormous scope for development, as they can test a lot more miles with all GP2 AND F1 test taken together, and have more data from each track.


    – will tyres be compromised for F1 as they have to suit GP2 as well?

    – competative advantage for teams running a GP2 team (Renault-DAMS, possibly Virgin/Manor and Lotus, some information for RBR from Horners Arden connection)

    Do you think this is is a good idea or not?



    As the yres will be developed principally for F1 the only real problem i see with this is the cometative advantage handed to F1 teams with GP2 connections on a plate.

    It may well encourage greater interferance by the big teams in GP2 and make life difficult for the indies.

    But it’s cost effective etc so the plan certainly has merit. Especially if Pirelli uses all the extra testing to make a more entertaining tyre for f1. However won’t the differeing downforce levels result in one of the series having a very difficult time with the tyre probably GP2?



    i think that it’s a great idea first for Pirelli, because they can cut costs and cumulate more informations as well. Then, i think that this advantage would also help F1 teams.


    Keith Collantine

    If it happens we might see a few F1 drivers turn up at GP2 test sessions. There’s a few teams in there that could do with the money. But no reason why they couldn’t think up a rule to stop that happening.



    A good idea I think. As already mentioned, it cuts the cost of manufacturing two different types of tyre for the two series. Also, it gives the chance for a GP2 driver in 2011 who may be promoted to F1 in 2012 the chance to get used to the type of tyre used in F1 – and with the lack of testing in F1 now that could be good experience to get said drivers up to speed more quickly.

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