Pirelli tyres in 2013

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    Ben Furtula

    The Pirelli Tyres have been one of the main talking points of Formula 1 this year. Many teams are fustrated and want the old tires brought back. What’s your opinion, and do you think that the new Pirelli tyres this year makes the racing more exciting?



    I think that this has been thouroughly covered in the forum. I think @keithcollantine might give you a link to the opinions and such.



    The teams will improve their tyre usage towards the end of the season and I think we will the amount of pit stop decreasing towards the end of the season, just like it has happened in past two years.


    Aish Heydrich

    Agreed with Karter 22.

    The Pirelli tyres are like a season of Walking Dead. It starts well, degrades rather quick after a few minutes, lot of drama, more wear, and then you can’t wait for the next race where it’s going to be the same all over again.


    Still camileon

    I hope when we look back in a few years we will laugh at todays championship were the car and driver who could look after the tyres on the car was so much more important than the actual racing, at the moment its should be renamed the “F1 tyre saving championship” and next there will be a charity setup to ” save the F1 tyre”.


    Aish Heydrich

    Lol nice one mate. ;)


    Keith Collantine


    The tyres are now a complete joke and needs to change. Pirelli are trying to make F1 more entertaining for sure – but at what cost?

    I think 100% of the members on this site know their F1, understand why Q1 at China was a joke & non-event and knew the race would be spiced up as a result.

    Imagine if you were invited through your work to the Paddock Club only for the Saturday and then saw no quali (really) and you could not go Sunday? What would you tell your mates about F1? “Well they drove 1.5 hours in the morning (Sorry 1 hour Saturday), but most sat in their car and watched TV. But there was qualifing where all the guys go as fast as they can! I saw the world champion – Vegel or something? He didnt go so fast – he set what they called “sector times”!! Its hardly a great ad for the sport we know is so great is it!!??

    Answer?? Quali tyres like before. Logistically harder but I am sure most of you have been to an F1 event- logistics are what they do!! The top 10 NEED a quali tyre to keep “non-fans” interested ……. AND FANS….. hell I almost turned off the TV in Q1 in China……………. well, no of course I didnt :)

    Thoughts please!


    Aish Heydrich

    The Pirelli tyres are so soft, when Kimi goes to bed he needs a tyre to cuddle.



    It’s always something – lack of overtaking, Ferrari dominating, Red Bull dominating, the field is too even, too much overtaking, overtaking made too easy, tyres are too hard, tyres are too soft, circuits are too dangerous, circuits are too safe, etc. People will always find a way to be displeased about everything (just like I’m displeased with this).

    I’m not saying you shouldn’t complain, because you are allowed to, but it would be nice for once that everybody would just try to settle for what we have now and not always dream about what we could have in the distant future. You’re just making yourselves feel bad!



    I am not trying to complain mate but often a good quali session can be as exciting, if not more than the race. I just dont want to see the Saturday quali session a non-event like was in China! The sport can have exciting qualifying and races, but we dont seem to at the moment.

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