Please help- PC steering wheel and pedals

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    I meant to sort this ages ago but I 1/ forgot what I was supposed to order and 2/ am a student so lacked funds :P

    I was wondering if any of you could be kind and wise enough to help me find a cheap(ish) but good steering wheel and pedals for PC? It would be for the F1 2010 game mostly and perhaps rFactor. Any suggestions would be seriously and greatly appreciated.

    Thanks fanatics!



    I use a Logitech G25 steering wheel for rFactor and my PS3, it is by far and away the best wheel I have ever had!! I do think the 900 degree rotation is a bit OTT as I never seem to need it and most racing cars wouldn’t have that amount of steering turn anyway. The leather wheel is great to hold and the force feedback is so strong on its highest setting it makes my arms ache!!

    I would recommend almost any Logitech wheel though so I’m sure you can find one for any budget.


    Dan Thorn

    Are there any steering wheels out there with a proper clutch and a proper H-pattern gearshift? I know it’s nothing like modern racing but damn, that’d be fun.



    Are there any steering wheels out there with a proper clutch and a proper H-pattern gearshift? I know it’s nothing like modern racing but damn, that’d be fun.

    My G25 has a clutch pedal and 6 speed “H” pattern gearshift + reverse!!!

    Gran Turismo makes use of the clutch and “H”-gate, it’s really cool.



    @dan Thorn

    The Logitech G25/27 have 3 pedals and H shift pattern, but also paddles for gear. The G27 has on top of this shift lights and bigger wheel with more buttons.

    G27: http://www.virtualr.net/wp-content/gallery/1829/3819109242_6ce411b285_o.jpg

    Fanatec also has great quality products with 3 pedals and H-patterns (replica’s of porche wheels)


    Porsche 911 Turbo Wheel: http://www.fanatec.de/img/foto_bilder/09_pwt_wheelall.jpg

    And if you are rich:

    FrexGP: http://www.frex.com/gp/

    Over 2000 dollar, but proffesional quality.






    Seriously don’t bother if it isn’t Logitech. My Logitech great has been pounded for years by myself and our entire office and it still works as well as it did on the day I bought it. Other rigs in that price range are inferior

    Check eBay for the G25 or shop around until you find it on special somewhere. The RRP for Logitech gear is usually high, but they have big margins so you can often find their stuff heavily discounted (40-50%)


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Steering wheels can be very expensive. Logitech is the best, but you’re loking at $500 without breaking a sweat. If you can’t afford to splash out on one – I know I can’t – but you don’t want to use the keyboard to control the car, you can pick up an XBox 360 controller (an official Microsoft one, not some dodgy generic third-party device) for AUS$40 at places like EB Games.



    G25 no questions asked. If you are an enthusiast then the G27 will keep you up to date but the G25 is perfect.


    Dan Thorn

    Never been attracted to the prospect of a steering wheel but I might just have to save up for a G25. Looks awesome.

    I have the Xbox 360 controller for gaming on my PC and it works a treat. Think I paid 15 for it a couple of years back, and it does the job fine if you don’t have the room for a wheel (like me).


    G25/7s will improve your laptimes instantaneously.



    Thanks so much everyone for your help!

    I’m definitely going with a logitech steering wheel now and hopefully a g25 if I can find a good price.

    Thanks so much. I’d be utterly lost right now if it wasn’t for your input :)



    @steph: Are you and Steph90 the same person???



    Yep I am. Steph90 was my old username. Sorry for the confusion!



    I’m in the same situation as you are Steph, student with pretty much low budget, especially to waste on gaming!

    Did anyone try F12010 with G25 on pc? How does it feel?



    If anyone is thinking of spending on a cheap wheel, please do not! As recommended here the Logitech G25 G27 is the minimum that you should be looking at.

    I’ve had a Logitech wheel for years now, although mines the Driving Force Pro, that came out just before the G25. It’s been a great wheel.

    I’ve seen friends with cheap wheels and they do not last long.

    If you have a bit more to spend, there are the Fanatec wheels that have a good review, but I’ve never tried one myself.

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