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    scunnyman’s thread got me thinking..is this points system showing the improvement it was supposed to?..I find it a bit alienating, because it’s getting very difficult to project and make scenarios of drivers finishing in certain positions to win the championship because it’s difficult to add 18 imaginary points while trying to add 15 or 8 to another driver and try to compare..I think this is the first season in which I constantly have no idea how many points the top 4-5 have and haven’t been able to assimilate their results, even when I see the points table..and a ‘small’ 8 point gap still would seem a lot to me, but that just requires some getting used to

    but think about it, if it goes down to the wire, inadvertently we would make scenarios regarding where the drivers should finish in order to be WDC..I have a pessimistic feeling it wouldn’t be as exciting and pretty much easy as previous seasons..this year I think I won’t even bother

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