Top five pre-1950 Grand Prix drivers

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    Fred Pink

    I have been reading Richard William’s biography of Enzo Ferrari and there are a lot of great stories about the greats of pre 1950 GP drivers such as Tazio Nuvolari, Achille Varzi and the Silver Arrow stars like Rudolf Caracciola.

    I was interested to know peoples top 5 pre WDC GP drivers and how you think these greats from a very different time compare to later champions, if that is indeed possible?

    Also any good reads related to the topic would be welcome!



    Nuvolari, Caracciola, Varzi, Rosemeyer, Wimille – any order. I think that because these cars were so much more difficult to ‘tame’ than current machines (way too much power for the chassis), their driving really can be considered art.

    Unfortunately there’s not much to read on pre-1950 GP racing. I usually just google one of these guys and look for good articles. :)


    Keith Collantine

    I know a bit about pre-championship Grand Prix racing but nothing like enough to be able to offer an informed view on this.

    There’s a few listed here:



    Fred Pink

    Cool thanks guys:)

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