Predicting Magnussen’s first year at Mclaren

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    Theo Parkinson

    With the MP4-29 on the horizon it got me thinking how Mclaren’s newest driver will do. There was an article in Autosport recently that showed that Magnussen is determined he can deliver despite such limited testing. What do you guys think will happen this year? Assuming the car is competitive what kind of results do you think he might get and how will he do compared to Button? I’m predicting 4 podiums to Button’s 4. Neither with any victories and Button beating Magnussen by 36 points, Magnussen out qualifying 11/8.



    Martin Withmarsh said Magnussen instantly got up to speed at the young drivers test at Abu Dhabi a year ago. If Mclaren are able to give him a car capable of podium place’s, there should be no reason why he can’t do what Hamilton did if he’s that good. F1-racing skills are a different matter, something which only experience brings. If his car isn’t up for the challenge and he finds himself stuck in traffic, than he could be in for a tough season. A bit like Maldonado really. But hopefully better. Much better. And improving.



    I think KevMag will beat JB hands down. JB’s an old dog who doesn’t deserve his spot in F1.

    Anyway, I predict 2 wins, 7 podiums, 3 poles. Him to beat Button by at least 43 points. 4th in championship. Many podiums lost due to car failures/errors.



    Magnussen 1 win in Spain, 4 podiums and 20 point ahead of Jenson – 5 th in championsship.


    Sri Harsha

    Im going to make a bold Statement
    Mangussen 3 Wins , 5-7 Podiums and 3rd in Championship



    It all depends on the car. If we have another car which is 4th/5th quickest, then podiums will a bonus. At the minute there’s no evidence reason to assume he’ll do any better than Checo did. However, if he’s as good and as quick a learner as his employers make him out to be, and the car is up there, then who knows, a couple of wins would be great.


    Craig Woollard

    Possibly beat Button soundly in qualifying, and perform really well in the races, narrowly beating Button on points. But I don’t know. The team thinks he’s good though, and they called it right with Hamilton…



    If Magnussen does well this season, it’ll be even more impressive than when Hamilton started; having only a fraction of the miles Lewis racked up before he started in 2007, if McLaren are able to give a car of 2007/2008 levels of competitiveness (not sure if that’s a word, but I’ll leave it) then I’ll be really interested to see how Magnussen/Button fare. Button had done very well against Hamilton in their time at McLaren, so he’ll be a good benchmark for Magnussen. Also, if he is able to handle a car with a less-than-optimal setup, he may have the upper hand. Is it difficult to imagine that Button will have a lot of setup issues with a brand new car/engine?

    I love how intra-team battles are going to be much more interesting next year: Fernando/Kimi, Jenson/Kevin, Sebastian/Daniel, Lewis/Nico (although we know now that Nico compares very well to his teammate)… I almost don’t care who wins the WDC/WCC titles since it’s shaping up to be a very interesting season anyway.


    Iestyn Davies

    I think it was always going to be tight between Nico and Lewis, and Lewis may pull ahead a little more in 2014, unless Nico is better at car development (best score on Williams engineering exam, turning down Imperial College London for aeronautical engineering to win GP2 and race in F1 etc.), where he could draw level by having a car better suited to himself. Anyone who thought Lewis would easily beat him probably also thought he would easily beat Button as well. All three are top level drivers.

    I think Kevin will do well to do better than Perez and almost match Button next year. If he beats Button with such a lack of F1 experience, then JB’s career could be over, and Alonso or Vandoorne would be in the other McLaren seat in 2015. McLaren will either go for broke with Honda, or save money on drivers and spend that money on the car instead.

    Daniel should be closer to Seb than Mark was (esp in the qually scores, what was it, 17-2?), while Fernando and Kimi will be too close to call. That’s the mouth-watering team mate battle for 2014… Hulk should beat Perez as well, and worse than Button did. The only thing that could change the order we’ve had from 2013 would be the weight issues (Mercedes veto’d a change for 2014), or certain styles gelling with the new cars better than others (e.g. Button’s smoothness over Hamilton’s aggressiveness).

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