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    Keith Collantine

    We’re testing some changes to the Predictions Championship system to make it work better this year.

    If you’ve got a moment to spare please give it a try by going to http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/f1fpc-2011-test-page/ and making a test prediction.

    Please check the following:

    1. You can only make a prediction when you’re logged in.

    2. After making your prediction you receive an email reminding you what it was.

    3. You can tick the opt-in box (please note this is only a test and no email addresses will be gathered).

    Please let us know below how you get on.

    To pre-empt any questions, no further changes beyond those already decided are being made to the system, and no details of this year’s prizes are being given out yet.


    1) Yes, I can confirm it does not allow you to predict unless logged in.

    2) Yes, confirmed.

    3) Yes.



    Predicted, and got the email.

    Interesting to see how long people thought a lap of the Tilkedrome 5000 would be! I went for the rather lengthly 3:42. I see everyone else has gone far shorter.



    You must have expected a very wet Q3 session ajokay!

    Seems to do exactly what it should do. Predictions only accepted when logged in, The e-mail was received and correct and the box ticked!

    What will the opt in box do? Will it send the confirmation e-mail, or updates on the championship as well as warnings not to forget entering?

    Really looking forward to it, even if this reminded me how long the wait will be for the ultimate first GP now! I bet you have great prizes prepared again.



    After playing with it, I have another question Keith.

    When I click on the “show entry form” button after entering my prediction, it shows what I entered and I can change everything. Is it meant to enable you to do that?

    Personally i like that very much, how many times have I entered and then wanted to change my mind or just made a mistake.

    Works pretty cool, but just asking to make sure it is meant to do that.



    Works well for me!



    Everything works for me as well.



    Working well.

    Amati for the championship! :)



    Everything looks perfecto.



    No troubles with it at all. But what exactly is the ‘opt-in’ box?



    Re: BasCB – Because you are now required to login, the predictions allow you to modify your prediction up until the deadline. If you come back and visit the page it will show your last entry.

    Previously (before the login requirement) there was no reliable and secure way to check if a returning visitor was the same person, hence the no modification restrictions before.



    Seems to be working fine, but the e-mail should have something written along that’s saying it’s from this website.


    Keith Collantine

    the e-mail should have something written along that’s saying it’s from this website.

    It will do, just checking it works at the moment.


    Keith Collantine

    As of now I’ve made a change which will stop it working, I’ll let you know when it’s working again.


    Keith Collantine

    …working again.

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