Pretty new here, just saying hey!

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    I have been a lurker here for the most part. I am a big F1 fan in the states so there arent too many other people to talk/debate/argue with about his magnificent sport I adore. Sadly I live vicariously through your conversations and arguments… Here is hoping I will get involved with the sight more and have a good time! Oh, and thanks Keith for such an awesome website, IMO the best one there is!



    Hi Jake! I’m glad you’ve decided to become more involved and I hope you enjoy your time here :) Word of advice: don’t ever cross Prisoner Monkeys or Ned Flanders though ;)



    @kraemerson88 Welcome Jake! Good to have another fan on board. Have you ever attended any races?


    Keith Collantine

    @kraemerson88 Thanks very much Jake, glad you like the site!



    @steph, advice taken, through reading some of there posts is the past, it is good advice. Not that there is anything wrong with what they wrote, they are just way out of my league debate wise.



    @andrewtanner Sadly, no. I have not attended any GP’s. I plan on getting my hind quarters to Austin next year though!



    @keithcollantine Your welcome Keith! I Like your appearances on The Flying Lap with Mr. Windsor too. I miss him being the fourth commentater on Speed’s F1 program. Buxton is doing ok though.



    Welcome aboard mate! I’m Magnificent Geoffrey. Nice to meet you.

    To help us get to know you better, I wondered whether you could answer some questions for me?

    1) What’s your favourite colour?

    2) Do you have any tattoos?

    3) Sonic or Mario?

    4) Why Formula 1?

    and the one thing I know all of us are dying to know:

    5) If you could go back in time to 1930’s Chicago, get initiated in a big crime syndicate with Tommy Guns and limos and the whole shebang, what would your gang nickname be?



    @magnificent geoffrey
    1. Forest Green ( dark green )
    2. No tattoos, thought about getting my kids footprints though.
    3. Mario, no doubt.
    4. The fact that it is international, the teams all make there own cars. Pinnacle of motorsport. NASCAR sucks. Indy is ok. WRC is awesome. FIA GT1 and GT3 is pretty cool.

    5. Strangest question of all… Bad Guys..?



    @kraemerson88 “WRC is awesome” Now there’s a guy after my own heart :D Check out http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/groups/world-rally-championship/forum/topic/wrc-fanatic-1/

    Oh and you must report back on how you find the Austin race. I’ve been to both Silverstone and Monza and trust me, it’s the best thing you will ever see.

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