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    Apologies to everyone outside of the UK this wont be relevant to you.

    I realised I had a problem when Keith told me in the comments that he had sent me Emails about my password but I had never received them. I used to be in IT and whilst not an Email specialist I do know how rare it is for mails to just disappear. I have been a Lineone subscriber for a long time and never had a problem. Lineon was bought out by Tiscali who were themselves bought out by Talktalk.

    Around the time that Keith got married I stopped getting responses (by Email)to my comments on the blog. I also btw stopped getting junk mail about Viagra.

    Someone, somewhere along the line someone has set up a filter to take out junk mail before it gets to my inbox. Unfotunately it also takes out anything from F1Fanatic.

    I have now set up a hotmail accountt and have no problems. This is just in case other people have similar problems and to apologise again to Keith for the unneccesary hassle I gave him.

    Accidental Mick

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