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    We have the new Pirelli rubber in it’s first race tomorrow, and it degrades and falls apart much quicker than last year’s Bridgestone compounds. Does this mean we may see many more punctures this year than in previous seasons?

    Predictions for number of punctures in the Australian race?

    I’ll say 2 punctures/tyre blows. Which is higher than normal – we never got punctures last year unless there was wing-contact.



    I can see zero punctures in the race. I think the tyres will hold up fine.



    yeah there is a difference between degradation and the tyre actually failing. The racing rubber that wears is on top of a quite strong carcass that has to be ripped or penetrated in order for the tyre to puncture. In that sense it should be no different to last year.



    I can see people staying out too long and sliding off as their tyres start to go off (think Hamilton China 2007), but I’m not so sure about punctures. I was quite shocked by the manner in which the tyres degrade by seeming to loose strips of rubber. Also what was quite interesting was that the tyres seem to smoke much more when there’s a lock-up. I think that we might have a de-laimination (or similar) this year sometime.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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