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    Obviously we know Keith is going to see Peter Windsor next week for The Flying Lap. However, he’s been laying low otherwise since the stillbirth of USF1, to great disappointment to us, the fans, and undoubtable to himself.

    However, he has vasts amounts of experience in F1 and other racing categories, is extremely well known on the circuit, and seems to be about as nice a person as you could hope to talk to in the racing fraternity.

    So, seeing as we have this opportunity, and hopefully Keith has both time and inclination, what questions would you ask Peter Windsor?

    Notable Facts about Peter Windsor :

    • born April 11, 1952 in Reigate, Surrey, England
    • Motorsport editor for the British weekly magazine Autocar from the late 1970s until 1985
    • 1985 Windsor became sponsorship manager at Williams.
    • He then worked as general manager at Ferrari
    • Returned to Williams as team manager in 1991
    • In the car accident on the way from the Paul Ricard Circuit with Frank Williams, that left FW paralysed
    • 2007 Spoke out against overtaking aids in F1
    • Worked for a variety of race magazine and TV shows including Speed, Sky Sports, FSN, ABC, Network 10 (ONE)


    Stephen Jones

    good idea for a topic! heres mine..

    Firstly, you did an awesome interview with a local student run radio show called “box of neutrals”, and its really cool to see people like you offering your time for people like that! as for an actual question: With the combination of the “temperamental” Pirelli tyres, KERS, and the Stallable Back Wing.. do you reckon we will see more overtaking? or just more unexpectable results?

    also: Who do you think will take the Title of the best Rookie?



    – who’s your favourite racing driver to watch of all time, and why?

    – who’s your favourite character in f1 and why?

    He knows/knew so many as a journo and a team player, it’ll be so tough to answer I suspect :)



    The question I really want to know: would you be willing to give another go at starting a US-based F1 team? I was terribly disappointed to see USF1 not make it as an American fan of the sport. :/ It’d be great to be able to be nationally invested in a team or driver someday.



    He’s fantastic on Speed and its sad what happened to him with USF1. I have a couple questions.

    What do you think on drivers taking part in other motorsports activities?

    How far along was the USF1 project when you stopped it?

    What was your favorite year of F1 racing?

    Which personnel in the F1 paddock over the years sticks with you the most?

    And what do you plan on doing now other then the show?



    If you comment on F1Fanatic, what is your screen name? ( and don’t say US_Peter or I’ll kick myself ;) )



    When did you come up with the idea of TFL?

    How long did it take to plan it out and get it up and running?

    How are the viewing figures looking?

    How long to you plan to run this for before you know if it’s a success?

    What kind of budget are you running on?

    Where is your revenue coming from, current and planned?

    Can Keith have a regular five minute spot on the show so we can all say we know someone famous ;)

    Btw. I think TFL is awesome. It takes Peter out of the sandbox of a national broadcaster and makes him international, so we can all enjoy the show. If only F1 did the same online. ( won’t happen anytime soon, but hope lives eternal )

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