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    very simple answer can many as you can correctly.

    Rules: No google, wikipedia etc

    1. Who was the first driver to win a race in a Ford V10 powered car and at which GP?

    2. Who was (to date) the last driver to win using a Ford V10 powered car and at which GP?

    3. How many laps were completed in the 1996 Monaco GP?

    4. What engines were the top 4 powered by in Qualifying for the 1993 French GP?

    5. Under the 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 scoring system, how many points would Luca Badoer scored in his entire career?

    6. What was the last year that the the Australian GP had a chicane in the pit lane?

    7. Why was Elio De Angelis disqualified from the 1983 Brazilian GP?

    8. Who won the First Constructors World champion?

    9. What was the First Race that James Allen was a main commentator with ITV?

    10. Which GP held the final race of the year in 2000?

    good luck, I’ll post the answers shortly



    1 – Johnny Herbert, Nurburgring 99, not sure about the Grand Prix, Luxembourg or Europe… Let’s Say European Grand Prix 1999

    2 – Giancarlo Fisichella, Brazil 2003?

    3 – 75 Laps

    4 – Renault (2 Williams, 2 Ligier)

    5 – 5 points – 7th in a GP in 1993, don’t remember where. 8th twice with Minardi in 1995 (in Canada where he passed Mika Salo on the last lap when the people where already on the track celebrating alesi victory, and in Hungary), 8th again with Minardi in 1999, don’t remember where.

    6 – 2000?

    7 – No Idea

    8 – Vanwall

    9 – I’m not British, No Idea.

    10 – Malaysian GP, at Sepang.

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