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    Travis Oreali

    This one came up at work yesterday after we were discussing Montezemolo’s b*tching about everything recently.

    At the end I think my view had softened a bit…

    While I love the current length an F1 race generally runs for (and don’t want it to change), would shorter races lead to a more exciting race?

    For example, I always take a safe toilet break about midway through because I assume nothing will happen as drivers are in their groove (which is most often the case)

    With less laps would drivers take more risks to overtake and to push harder?

    And as I don’t watch any other motor racing, are their other series that have a short stint event and how does it work?



    I have split ideas about it.

    One side I don’t want them to change the current format, as that has always been how it was…on the other hand 2 shorter races might be more exciting.

    But in the end I think we should leave it as it is!



    2 hours is pretty short to what they used to do. I think just the Monaco race in 52 was something like a 100 laps. I could be wrong though.

    If there’s two races then it has to be worked out how the grid is sorted for tne 2nd race. Would there be two qualifying sessions? If so then that would probably take longer and may cost more. If there was only one qualifying session then it may work like the GP2 series which although is fun, it isn’t entirely fair.



    I’m so glad they got rid of refueling, befor the ban I’d have been well up for GP2 style sillines, not anymore the formats good, you get both boring an exciting races, anyone whose been watching the football will tell you this world cup has been mostly boring, stop messing with the show, worry about the racing.


    Don Speekingleesh

    I think the race length is about right, if anything I think a little longer would be better – maybe a minimum time of two hours instead of max.

    Words cannot convey how much I cannot stand the idea of multiple races in a weekend. It belongs in lower formulae only. No self-respecting top line series should have more than one race in a weekend.


    Mark Hitchcock

    “anyone whose been watching the football will tell you this world cup has been mostly boring”

    Good point. There are plenty of boring events in other sports. But unlike F1, they stick with it knowing that eventually the excitement will return instead of making stupid, ill thought out rule changes.



    I fully disagree with Montezemolo’s idea of shorter races. And I’m a Ferrari fan. Keep them the length they are, otherwise we might as well cut the cars in half and call this “MotoGP”.



    I think the races are about right, although I would like the maximum time to be cut to 1 hour 45 minutes. Most of them are about this anyway, but I have to admit, 2 hours of Monaco is a little much. But I would also change the rules so that time under safety car periods or race stoppages beyond 15 minutes are not counted, and the race ends after 1:45 or all the laps have been completed.



    I think the current format of 305 km or 2 hours is ok. I will hate the idea of having two races in a weekend unlike GP2. I think they should bring back 1 shot qualifying back.



    Personally i would not mind it they stretch it go go for about 250 miles (some 412 km). That would make races go for about 2:15 or maybe 2:30 hours. It would make it a lot more viable to have a try at different race tactics.

    But it might backfire with everyone doing more of tyre/engine/… saving and just wait another 20-30 minutes before having a try at an overtake.



    I think the length is perfect. A 2 race weekend is a terrible idea for the most premier motorsport series in the world.


    Dan Thorn

    I’d like to see races a little longer – 2 hours is a good length of time. With the current regs races like Monza can be over in less than 80 mins – not good!



    Timewise I could see the race lengths be more equal.


    Mark Hitchcock

    “But I would also change the rules so that time under safety car periods or race stoppages beyond 15 minutes are not counted”

    I like what they do in the BTCC. They just add the amount of laps spent behind a safety car onto the total.



    that in itself is not a bad idea, but simply would not work without a return to re-fuelling.

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