Race you don't want to watch again.

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    I understand everyone who is here in this blog or forum is an F1 fans,so where there any race or races that you only watch once & didn’t wanted to watch it again in your life ever? WHY?

    For me there is only one race, 2006 Japan.What happened to Schumacher that day was cruel.I think I read somewhere that a 8-10 years old boy cried after seeing Schumi’s engine blowing out.I still have that commentary of that race in my mp3 but only was brave enough to watch it once.I do want to see that 2006 season again but that will be a race I will want to avoid.



    Abu Dhabi 2010. Dreadfully dull. I’ll just pretend that Vettel’s win in a slightly more entertaining Brazilian Grand Prix sealed up the title for him.



    the obvious indianapolis race..



    Zandvoort 1973: People wanted to ban Formula One after this and I wasn’t too sure myself that I still liked the sport. Otherwise Adelaide 1994: Still makes me cringe that Schumacher got away with what he did.


    Dan Thorn

    As a massive Fisi fan, for years I shut Suzuka 2005 out of my mind.

    Brazil 2008 is horrible too. No matter how many times I watch it Massa never wins :(



    @ sw6569

    Yeah even the crowd didn’t wanted to see that GP.



    Ok, not to be biased but;

    Abu Dhabi 2010

    Belgium 2010

    Britain 2010

    Malaysia 2010

    Brazil 2009

    China 2010

    Australia 2010

    Brazil 2007

    Japan 2007

    Italy 2006



    I’m guessing from the common theme of those races going bad for Alonso, so what was so awful about the Brazils of 2007 and 2009?

    I think the 2007 Chinese Grand Prix is one I won’t watch for about a decade. I still can’t watch the 1997 Hungarian Grand Prix ending.



    Well, in 2007 he lost the title, and in 2009 he was taken out on lap 1 by Sutil.



    San Marino 1994. Nuff said.



    Abu Dhabi 2010 .. without a doubt the most boring race, and most anti climatic end, to one of the best seasons of F1. It was torture just looking at Fernando stuck behind Vitaly for 40 straight laps


    Watching Indianapolis 2005 again was actually pretty funny. For the sheer novelty factor of it.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Germany 2010. For obvious reasons.



    The race at Bahrain this year. I was so excited that the year was gonna start i was jumping up and down like a 5 year old before the race started and yet that race managed to make me half asleep by the end of it.

    And imagine none other race this year(even some that weren’t very exciting) made me come close to sleeping as much as that one.

    It was one of the most boring races in a last few years.


    Dan Thorn

    Really? Bahrain 2005 and 2006 were great. Even 2007 was quite interesting, and 2009 had quite a bit of action.

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