Rain forecast for qualifying

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    I just had a look at this weekends forecast; and qualifying is expected to be wet!, oh dear; I tip Hamilton for pole in the wet



    According to meteoblue, there is a 40% chance it will rain Saturday afternoon and 60% for the evening – so let’s make tha 50% chance of rain during qualifying. Also, temperatures are not expected to exceed 20C on Saturday and Sunday…



    i use msn for f1 forecasts. has a 10-day feature.



    Yep- over here Friday 28 and fine (isnt that a heat wave for you guys in the UK?? lol), Sat & Sun both around 22 but more chance for rain Sat arvo!! Could mix up the grid a bit for a interesting start.

    Agreed- Lewis for pole in the wet with Alonso close by. I would rather rain in quali that we got in FP1 last year- so little action to start the year was a downer.

    As for a wet or damp race? Yeh why not, they are always fun!! Either way lets just get started. I love the foloow up the week after in Malaysia to get a double fix to start the year.



    Rain forecasts are usually the worst things in F1. They rarely come true! As always, we will see, but for now, consider me a skeptic. :)



    In the forecasts I look at, even Sunday might be rainy…


    Bradley Downton

    @andae23 – I use metoblue as well. I find it to be quite reliable. Last year it was always correct, it changes a lot on the build-up to a race weekend, but never majorly. It really is a good website for weather and it indeed predicts rain for Qualifying.



    I’d predict an Alonso pole if it is wet. The Ferrari was excellent in the wet last year, and I doubt much will have changed this season. To add to that, if the pull-rod suspension helped Ferrari with the wet conditions, then I’d expect McLaren to be up there as well, given how good Jenson is in the wet.

    It would be too close to call though. We barely know the order now, and it already seems extremely close, add in weather…and we could be in for a very topsy-turvy grid.



    I have a feeling that we may have another 2012 style start to the season where nobody really knows the running order.


    Keith Collantine

    The pre-race weather forecast article will be up on Thursday as usual.


    Bradley Downton

    @keithcollantine – While I think about it, do you know of anywhere were we can get a link to what the teams use? Or is this a system created purely for the teams?



    I usually don’t get my hopes up with these weather forecast predictions. I remember how Monaco last year was suppose to be a wet race, with all those constant rain threats, you would’ve thought that we were having another Fuji 2007 if you had 240p quality broadcast.



    Update from meteoblue: 80% chance of rain during qualifying (temperature has increased to 20C during qualy). The majority of rain is expected to fall on Sunday morning, while the chance for rain during the race is 30%. The temperature will be only 16C during the race.


    Bradley Downton

    Oooo, meteoblue now showing a chance of rain during the race too. Friday will be completely dry but there will be some rain on Saturday. Chance of rain on Sunday is increasing too. If you are checking meteoblue you’ll see the target like thing under the weather prediction, a little tip. No matter how high the prediction of rain is, if there isn’t blue over the centre circle, it won’t happen! :P



    As someone who lives in Melbourne we have had 9 days straight of over 30 degrees. The weather will break, but don’t expect anything regular to happen over the weekend. A few showers here and there, but who knows when it will come

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