Red Bull’s ‘illegal ride height’

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    It is revealed that RBR changed their car between qualy and Race at Canada.

    The FIA was ready to DQ but they didnt do anything.


    “The third case became known on the brink of the Hungary GP. In Montreal the FIA inspectors found an illegal mechanism to change the third damper on the front axle. The damper setting affects the front axle ride height, which must not change between quali and race. Because manual changes are difficult to detect for FIA inspectors, the FIA came up with the rule that all suspension changes must require tools. [It’s the first time I heard of such a rule – is it written somewhere or is it one of the seemingly endless supply of regulations the FIA never bothered to make public?]

    In the case of Red Bull however changing the setting was child’s play with the bare hand. If someone wanted to think evil he could insinuate that RBR changed the ride height between quali and race in the preceding races. The FIA told RBR to cease using this mechanism without making noises. Rules experts say that it would have been easy to DQ RBR over this in Montreal”



    @kingshark the FIA regs are readily available for download should you so wish, even future regulations: http://www.fia.com/en-GB/sport/regulations/Pages/FIAFormulaOneWorldChampionship.aspx

    Your link is broken btw? I can’t open it.



    Ha, same! I’ve just noticed that the link I’ve provided is down.

    Try this:


    Keith Collantine

    AMuS do not say it is illegal:

    We just wrote, there was a possibility for RB to adjust the suspension without tools. We’re not suggesting they used it illegally.


    Keith Collantine

    And here’s the original article:



    We just wrote, there was a possibility for RB to adjust the suspension without tools. We’re not suggesting they used it illegally.

    Do you honestly think they’d have the buttons in the car to adjust their suspension, but the drivers not use them? Common, that wouldn’t make any sense. Of course Red Bull used them.



    @kingshark I don’t see anything about buttons. It says adjustable by hands. Where does it say buttons? Adjustable by hand does not mean adjustable by buttons.

    I’ve never known an F1 car that allows drivers to reach the suspension arms while in the cockpit. Besides – adjusting the suspension while the car is in a pitstop is completely legal.



    Haven’t we heard of this controversy before, back in 2010 maybe?



    Red Bull has been in the headlines again after suggestions the team may have used a system to adjust the ride height of its cars in parc ferme conditions.

    The story originated in the German press where it was implied that with the previous system the team could have changed the car’s front ride height in parc ferme. It was a point strenuously denied by the team which reaffirmed that it has been entirely compliant with the regulations all season.

    What’s more the allegations are not even current. They stem from the Canadian Grand Prix, when the FIA advised Red Bull that adjustments to its front dampers must be made using a tool rather than by hand, in line with Article 34.5 of the Sporting Regulations.

    Technical regulations stipulate that some adjustments need to be made using a tool, depending on the ‘work’ required to carry out the change. In Red Bull’s instance the FIA deemed the dampers could be adjusted too easily by hand and therefore asked the team to make them tool adjusted instead.

    The changes requested by the FIA were made to the car after the Canadian Grand Prix, the car having run in its current configuration ever since.


    Article 34.5 of the Sporting Regulations
    In order that the scrutineers may be completely satisfied that no alterations have been made to the suspension systems or aerodynamic configuration of the car (with the exception of the front wing) whilst in post qualifying parc ferme, it must be clear from physical inspection that changes cannot be made without the use of tools.

    So, it seems that it was not perse changeable by hand, but that it was not clear enough for the FIA that it wasn’t. The tool-in-wipe story is not mentioned at all.




    Basically Horner denied any adjustment were made at Parc ferme, but from what he said, It looked like the RB suspension can be adjusted without using any tool (he didn’t explicitly said that the RB car suspension can be adjusted without using any tool).



    lol parc ferme as in Montreal? rofl


    Fer no.65

    Ted Kravitz said that it’s just the media speculating with this, because there’s nothign wrong with the Red Bull.




    It depends what you define as a tool; loosely translated, the human brain is a tool, as is a large rock, or elephant tusks sellotaped to a badger; they are used to manipulate things, which is what a tool is.
    I’m not suggesting that red Bull will use tusks sellotaped to a badger, but that’s an extreme interpretation of a tool.
    (A part of me wants that to happen, because it’d be the funniest repair of an f1 car ever)

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