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    The RB rear wing seemed to produce little if any vapour trails off the rear wing in Hungary, especially compared to the McLaren. Anyone else notice this? Working the car with less rear downforce? Where does the grip come from on that car then?



    Noticed this. I think this just shows how well the rest of the car works at producing downforce so that they can run less rear wing and thus less drag. I’m guessing it’s an amazing floor/diffuser they have that compensates.



    Suspected as much, but I’m surprised to see none at all. As you say, it must be one hell of a diffuser. Especially at Hungary, which is sometimes known as Monaco without the walls, meaning it’s meant to be high downforce, short geared (at least compared to say, Silversotne, Monza, and faster circuits generally).

    I wonder how fundamentally different/unique Newey’s RB aero is overall compared to the other cars.



    i remember seeing that too, but when i looked again, the redbull had its DRS open, i dunno if that was it …



    The RBs got a tight little ass of a rear end, with the short sidepods allowing for maximum airflow over the rear wing/diffuser (same reasons for Mclarens L shape sidepods), perhaps that means they can run less wing knowing that they’l still get more downforce then others? Im not saying i know the reason, but thats my guess.



    The trails on the McLarens were so large that comparatively I didn’t notice any others from any other cars, not just Red Bull in particular This might have had had something to do with the McLaren’s being more often in shot due to their positions though. I didn’t notice anything on the Ferrari’s but it may have been due to them being shown less.



    Remember balance is more important than overall downforce (both combined of course is deadly). So it may be that they have pretty much all the downforce they need without a great big wing.

    Possibly related or independent of this (if in actuality they do have enough front downforce to balance all the rear) is their DRS flap. The design red Bull use produces less downforce than something like McLaren’s original rear wing. The upshot is is the DRS boost is much greater, which is great if your car is a drag monster and brilliant for qualifying. McLaren’s latest rear wing has seen a bit of a compromise in that direction.



    I’ve heard from alot of sites that the Red Bull has too much downforce for the Pirelli tyres. On the Bridgestones the more downforce the better, on the Pirelli’s there is aparently a “golden” limit of downforce for the tyres. If you dont have enough downforce the tryes slide and if you have too much downforce apparently the tyres are too compressed and wear faster.

    Because the diffuser is turning up so much downforce on the rear on the Red Bull, they have the ability to just cut the angle of the rear wing to reduce drag and downforce to that “golden” level. So apparently, Red Bull have more downforce avalible to them but they can’t use it because of the tyres. This is apparently why they have been caught by McLaren with Ferrari close behind.

    The 1 lap quali Red Bull, uses all its downforce, the 1 lap laptime is not enough time for the Pirelli’s to overheat using full downforce. So pole is a breeze, But in the race its a driffernt situation.

    But thats just what I’ve heard. I agree with the idea, I think it makes sence.

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