Red Bull Showrun – Is it this lame everywhere else?

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    Fer no.65

    Last saturday I went to the Red Bull Showrun here in Buenos Aires, with a couple of “non-F1” friends (bad mistake).

    I wanted them to see what an F1 car was like, and feel the huge power, the sound and all. I had gone to the same Showrun in 2008 (with David Coulthard and the Toro Rosso-based V10-engined showcar) and it was amaizing. He went bezerk ! braking hard, accelerating hard, sliding the car around a lot ! he astonished the crowd !

    I hoped that, Red Bull now being triple world champions, they’d do something special. But it was soooooo lame ! Ricciardo did a couple of runs, a couple of doughnuts, but it was hardly exciting. And the sound of that V8 was quite rubbish (they had tunneled the rear exhausts all the way till diffuser… surely because of the heat or whatever).

    So I wonder. Is the Showrun this lame everywhere else? or was it just a bad showing here in Buenos Aires? My friends really didn’t like it… and it wasn’t quite away from what we get every fortnight, the V8s from STC2000 (which was also there and did a couple of runs):

    STC2000 Fluence

    Red Bull:



    V10 >>>>>>> V8


    Keith Collantine

    Here they are playing the Argentinian national anthem:


    Fer no.65

    Yeah, our anthem isn’t a particularly good one to play on an F1 engine, is it :P?



    @fer-no65 I you sure you are not just cranky because you have to listen to Tornello animating the event? ;)… Just kidding…

    Can´t tell what they do on this things, but looking at other videos is pretty much depend of the local organization… By example in the first Home Runs than Vettel did in Germany there were also some motorcyle ryders doing some acrobatics, and rock bands… Same as last year in Heppenheim (sp?)…

    In Graz this weekend it seem that Seb also talked to the public and signed, but I have read form other comments on twitter Riccardo did the same…



    Here is Heppeneheim in 2010

    If I´m correct, last year at Milton Keys, there was a Nascar car, some motorcycle ryders, and both Red Bulls..


    Toro Stevo

    It could be worse. For the Melbourne run last year, they insisted the car stay below the speed limit (they had the speedo guns out and all), and not do burnouts. They said it would encourage everyday drivers to do the same or some such rot. So the car travelled over the bridge (where nobody could see it) at 100 kph, did a slow boring turn in front of some police cars and travelled back.



    Red Bull came to Chile too, it was awesome to be honest.
    Coulthard drove the Car and did some runs and a lot of Donuts was amazing see how the RB7 could handled Santiago Streets are a quite bumpy.
    About the Showrun i was in the VIP Zone as a “Photographer Assitance”.






    I saw the video of that and I couldn’t believe how lame it was.


    Fer no.65

    @celeste No :P I was actually quite happy that they got someone that knows F1 (well… he does, even if I don’t like him), instead of the other random presenter that had nothing to do with F1 and just screamed.

    At least Tornello gave some facts. Nothing too technical of course, but for the general public it’s alright.

    And also, at least they got the Super TC2000 car (which to be honest, sound better than the F1 car, even if it’s not that loud). But they also got 3 road going Renault Fluences GT that were presented to the public. Watching 3 road cars going round while someone says “it has AA, ABS, electric seats and very low emissions” was quite a kiler.



    @fer-no65 Oh well, at least you got to see the car… maybe it was that Riccardo doesn´t have DC experience…



    about the Showrun. Red Bull did a few laps and some Donuts

    Here’s singing the Chilean Anthem

    I was as a “Photographer Assitance” so i had an All Acess pass and i walk into the Garage, spoke with the Engineers, David Coulthard signed my cap, freed Red Bull, free Food, beautiful Girls it was cool.
    I can’t tell you if the showrun was lame because the last time an F1 car did a Showrun was in 2006 and of course everything was different. So we didn’t care about those detaills we just enjoyed the Showrun. : )


    Fer no.65

    @celeste maybe, though he said that he did 3 or 4 this year, and a couple more the years before.

    I guess Coulthard does it better…



    @Toro Stevo

    You like car accidents? You realize that people can die in car accidents? People? Dying? What are you, a lunatic?

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