Red Bull to name their engines Infiniti in 2014

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    Force Maikel

    According to this dutch website Red Bull will name their new new Renault V6 turbo engines ‘Infiniti’. In doing so Infiniti will pay Renault for the probably quite expensive Renaults. Renault however in return would no longer use Red Bull as their official testbed and is looking towards a familiar face: Lotus f1 team. Indeed their former F1 team. Now that would be funny because Lotus is rumored to be hunting a Honda deal

    What do you fine chaps make of this story?



    Eh, that site has quite a few duds for rumors usually. Anything in quotations is complete speculation, and if I remember correctly, they’re entirely based in the Netherlands, with no reporters on the track.

    If they are to rebrand their engines to Infinity, I don’t know why Renault would drop Red Bull as main team. Let’s not forget; Renault and Nissan are partners, Infiniti is Nissan’s luxury brand and I don’t think they’re in the same segment as any Renault road car.


    Force Maikel

    Yeah I know they recently haven’t been doing their best at checking their stuff on f1today.net but this is actually something I could see Red Bull doing, they have already had a small fallout with Renault a couple of months ago and perhaps this is/could the result of that.




    Renault owns 44% of Nissan (as in actual big Nissan the company, not just the car brand Nissan) which means Renault also owns 44% of all Nissan brands including Infiniti.

    Think of it as Vodafone & Verizon and how McLaren ran the Verizon branding last year in the USA.



    Well there is this alliance called….Renault-Nissan.

    And the fact that Infiniti, long story short, is Nissan’s take on Lexus.

    So honestly I think having the Renault Engines renamed to “infiniti” Engines would be like having “Jaguar” Engines built by Tata, or an “Audi” engine built by VW, or a “Volvo” engine built by Geely, or “Maserati” Engines built by Ferrari (We’re not going to see something like that over at Scuderia Ferrari in our lifetimes, but if a team using Ferrari Engines is to underperform in an HRT-esque way, I can see that happening) , or like looking at YouTube and Google, or Mac OS X/(GNU/)Linux/BSD/Solaris and Unix, as things without any relation to each other.

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