Vettel responds to Red Bull traction control claims

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    Andre Furtado

    Ediited by moderator: The original post neglected to point out that Vettel was joking when he gave the quote below, as mentioned at the beginning of the article: “When asked about it ahead of this weekend’s 2013 Formula 1 Korean Grand Prix, Vettel was in light-hearted mood as he teased journalists on the topic, as well as playing down the effect of fans booing him…”

    Q: Sebastian, there was a lot of hype about the Red Bull ‘traction control’ in Singapore. Can you explain the state of affairs?
    Sebastian Vettel: Well, of course, as everybody witnessed it worked in Singapore. We’d been working on it all Friday and Saturday, and yes, on Sunday it worked perfectly for the first time – when it mattered. I am sure for the races to come that we will be able to enhance the system even further – to profit even more.



    Force Maikel

    Probably still legal but in my view against the spirit of the rules.



    He was just having a bit of fun, as the beginning of the article says…

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