Are Red Bull using traction control?

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    There has always been a performance difference between each of the cars.

    True but, that is what the rules are for. They try to make the cars as even as possible. RBR has been better these past years because of Newey designing a very good car and exploiting “gray” areas in the rules and it can´t be called cheating because it is exactly that, a “gray” area.
    To answer all your previous questions, yes I´m for real, I just look at things very differently than others and usually don´t believe everything that is fed to me like an obedient sheep. Somebody once used a phrase that said: I think there for, I am. And no, I´m not new to F1.

    That is kind of the point of F1. Usually it doesn’t have anything to do with cheating.

    I beg to differ. F1 in general, is all about getting an edge over the others, it can be legal or ilegal, and sometimes even if ilegal, it´s adopted by all to even things out (double diffuser). Bernie himself accepted once he cheated while at the helm of brabham. I remember reading about something about hidden water tanks that would be full at weighing and then they would empty them during the race and then they would quickly fill them up before they had a chance to inspect the cars. How that worked is beyond me but the man himself said it. He also mentioned something about adding a little piece of material to the front wing in one of his cars or was it the rear? I don´t remember quite well but the thing is that everybody in F1 tries to cheat, oh and lets not forget the FAN car! It was said to be for “cooling” purposes, which in part it was but it´s main function was to reproduce the “ground effect” that Lotus had. It´s human nature to try to win at all costs without getting caught. Honda did it and got caught. McLaren did it and got caught. The ones that don´t get caught usually are smarter than the rest(although I don´t condone it).
    I´m a Ferrari fan and I know Ferrari´s reputation may not be the cleanest of them all but nothing has been really proven as far as I can recall, I may be wrong.
    The thing that bother´s me the most is that why is it so hard to believe that they could be actually cheating? Why? If it were Ferrari everybody would be out with the clubs, pitchforks and torches out calling to burn them at the stake! But if it´s RBR, they are angels? They spend more money than anybody else designing their cars and nobody can say anything because the way they do it is legal and again I ask: Why? The only answer I can come up with is: heavy biasness towards the “red cars” and anybody associated to them for that matter. But hey, it is what it is and we have to live with it but at least I can be proud of saying this: Ferrari does not run a 4 car operation, they certainly have the money to do it, yet they choose to be sportive and just run with two cars.
    I wonder what people would say if all of a sudden we saw a FIAT works team racing and they saw them jumping out of the way for the Ferraris. That would be hysterical! XD




    If it were Ferrari everybody would be out with the clubs, pitchforks and torches out calling to burn them at the stake! But if it´s RBR, they are angels?

    Red Bull is most definetely the most disliked top team in F1 for quite some time.
    They are constantly accused of cheating, every time the car does something. And it’s not unfair. They have been bending the rules a lot previously. But that isn’t quite the same as cheating. Bending the rules is what every F1 team on the grid does. They have to.
    But to acuse a team, even Red Bull, of cheating just because they have a faster car then the others for one race, is rediculous.
    How many acused Ferrari of cheating after Spain? I don’t remember any. Because it’s natural that one car is better then the others.



    @karter22 of cause.


    Keith Collantine

    The fact that the story is garbage was pointed out very early in this thread.

    Yet somehow a few people still managed to turn it into an opportunity for trolling and bickering so I’ve deleted a string of comments and am closing the thread.

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