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    how long can redbull develop thier car, before mclaren or ferrari figure out thier own car???



    I think they have shown already, they can match the development pace of Ferrari. McLaren maybe closed the gap towards the end of last year. But only by a small margin.



    i wondered that, and to be honest, it is high because they have a big investment form some drinks company. Also, they don’t pay the 10m they paid last year for the Renault engines as they are badged as infiniti.



    There were a few complaints that they spent more than the gentleman’s agreement made between the teams last year, but since then nothing. Though that would suggest they have ample funds!

    Of course, Red Bull only have to fine-tune their cars. Ferrari are working on a concept in its second year and McLaren have a whole new car.



    well at the rate mclaren is pushing, im expecting them to get on top of things by silverstone or even in valencia.



    Well it appears that no matter how much money they have, they cant get KERs working ;)

    Im not sure, but they obviously have the clout that Mclaren and especially Ferrari can call on for development. If, as suspected, that Red Bull did overspend last season, will Ferrari and Mclaren be inclined to follow suit this season (assuming they didnt last year) and go over the budget and blowaway this gentlemans agreement.



    after SILVERSTONE and today’s race @ the NURBURGRING, does anyone still think that redbull will win the constructor’s championship?? its evident that MCLAREN and FERRARI are back in form!!!



    Red Bull is a massive company making money from sport and drink sales

    They wont run out of money, and I’m sure they wont overspend


    Fer no.65

    @frazbox: they showed last year than even if the others outpaced them, they were able to recover quite well.

    Besides, their worst result of the season is a 2-3 and a 3-4, which is still much better than Ferrari (considering Massa’s well off the pace), and Mclaren has been up and down this season so far.



    Isn’t there Resource Restriction Agreement? I don’t know exact details though.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    does anyone still think that redbull will win the constructor’s championship??

    Yes. Ferrari and McLaren might have started putting in stronger performances, but so too are Red Bull. And they have a one hundred-point head start.



    I think the WCC will probably go to Redbull, But I think it will be a lot closer than it originally looked as I think they will both finish fairly consistently in the points at worst case.



    I would have thought that finances are the least of Red Bull’s concerns. They have access to a more funds that almost any other team- in fact possibly even more than ANYONE.


    If Vettel keeps having off weekends, who knows where the championship will go?

    I don’t think that Red Bull’s apparent dip in form is down to a lower budget than McLaren and Ferrari, but more down to Newey having less areas of development to exploit as the RBR started out a better developed car than their rivals.



    In the old points systems, Vettel is still ahead by a ridiculous amount – over Webber! (42-point lead in the 10-8-6 system, 56-point lead in the 10-6-4 system)

    Remember that Schumi also had a couple of off weekends in the 2001 season (Britain, Germany, coincidentally the same as Vettel), but won the title in Hungary anyway. With so many rounds to go, clinching the title in Europe probably won’t happen here. But I’m expecting the title to be sealed at Vettel’s favorite circuit, Suzuka – he’s raced there twice, and won there twice.

    As for Red Bull’s budget, I wouldn’t worry about it. They’re running TWO teams, for crying out loud! If money ever becomes an issue, they can always reduce STR’s funding or reduce sponsorship in other motorsport. That said, this is working out beautifully for Red Bull – they are doing a Benetton in excelling in something you wouldn’t expect them to be good at. And the millions of fans seeing it are paying it off by buying their energy drinks.

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