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    The game: Pick a blog and see if you can change one or two words in the title to make the whole meaning change, or be more amusing. Link to the original blog for comparisons.

    I was digging through one of Jonathan Legard’s blogs today, smiling to myself at the title : “Webber battling rivals and critics”, and thinking “He’s not the only one, mate.” Then I went through the rest of the blog and discovered that the headlines for lots of his blog articles could be far more amusing if one word was substituted out of it for “Legard”. Perhaps a sub editor at BBC is as much of a fan as I am.



    “Legard battling rivals and critics”

    “Mistakes mounting up for Legard”

    “Crunch time in Singapore for Legard”

    “Time for Legard to deliver”

    “Legard fears title chances are slipping away”

    “F1 in a twist over Legard”

    “Legard’s struggles come into focus”

    “McLaren have Legard in their sights”

    “Commentator choices will be crucial in Bahrain”



    Well, here’s the obvious one out of the way:

    Keith give thumbs-up to Korean F1 track apart from the pit lane entrance

    High tyre wear raises prospect of exciting Collantine Grand Prix

    100 pictures from Collantine GP practice

    Keith heads second practice in Korea

    Name the Korea top five to win Keith prizes

    Red Bull have 10kph speed deficit on Keith

    Keith fastest in first practice in Korea

    A lick of paint here, a Keith there

    Collantine Grand Prix The F1 Fanatic unofficial race programme

    Hamilton, Button, Alonso, Vettel and Collantine re-create famous photograph


    Keith Collantine

    A lick of paint here, a Keith there

    Glad you didn’t replace ‘paint’ with ‘Keith’…

    Very odd thread idea this one!



    Yeah, I think the Legard hate gets really out of hand…

    Time for some fresh air perhaps, Hairs?



    Well I used the Legard blog because it’s where I got my inspiration from, and you have to admit it works from a lexical perspective. You don’t have to go with a negative perspective, pick a blog and work through it.

    Keith, I hope you’re not accusing me of being an oddball with a weird sense of humour…

    So, working from http://www.jamesallenonf1.com , and adding references to Bears, we get:

    * Bears on pole for first Korean Grand Prix

    * Drivers concerned about pit lane entry and dangerous Bears in Korea

    * Webber fastest as F1 warms to Bears

    * Boost for Bears as Vodafone extends title sponsorship

    * Brawn gets ambitious for 2011 and talks of his Bears

    * Why would Massa help Bears?

    * Ecclestone warns teams to look after their own bears

    * The bears nearly ripped my head off a ride in a 2 seater F1 car

    * Horner: I promise the Bears will not interfere in driver title race

    * How big can the F1 Bears get?



    So i’m guessing the guys need to keep energised and buzzing…

    Alonso: coffee is first priority

    Webber: coffee close to perfect

    Last coffee crucial for pole Vettel

    Red Bulls beat Alonso to claim the coffee (Korean Grand Prix qualifying)

    Drivers give thumbs-up to Korean F1 track apart from the coffee

    Red Bull have coffee but no easy path to victory (Korean GP pre-race analysis)

    (EDIT: Red Bulls have Red Bull, of course! duh)


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Can I rename Joe Saward’s Grand Prix Blog as “Joe Saward’s Travelling To And From A Grand Prix Blog”?



    nice Electrolite :)

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