Renault / Lotus team name predictions

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    Well with the sale of a chunk of the Renault team to Proton all but officially announced I wondered what the teams will be called.

    It seems Renault will become Lotus Renault and Lotus will become Team Lotus Renault.

    The difference being that Renault’s sponsorship by Lotus (Proton) means the team is still Renault and are only called Lotus Renault in the may Mclaren are called Vodafone Mclaren.

    Confused… we will be.

    What are everyone’s thoughts on what the teams will be named?



    So long as we have two distinct actual names, it won’t matter too much to me. I just hope if Fernandes loses they won’t be called Team Air Malaysia or something rubbish like that.


    Red Andy

    Will Lotus Renault (the team formerly known as Renault) also be carrying Lada sponsorship? It’ll be a game of “How many manufacturers’ names can you fit on one car?”



    I guess the Lada issue depends on their driver lineup! time will tell.



    As long as they don’t get rid off the original black & yellow livery I couldn’t care less.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    If Group Lotus-Renault does go ahead, they’ll likely use Britih Racing Green. Which will be odd, because Renault is a French team …


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Okay, so if both teams are to be named Lotus, there’s no way the FIA will allow it because you cannot have the same or similar-sounding names (yes, I know “Red Bull” and “Toro Rosso” mean the same thing, but they are do not sound the same). So I think Renault should be known as Gravity Lotus and Lotus Racing should be Fernandes Lotus. That’s the only way I can see both entries being able to enter a Lotus name.



    http://www.saveteamlotus.com has been set up as per the news item on the main pages here.

    Any more from David Hunt anywhere else? Everyone should read his interview http://www.theracedriver.com/2010/11/david-hunt-exclusive-on-team-lotus/

    If cheating/bullying is how Group Lotus start in F1 with Renault, how will they race? Now who was it cheated and had a deliberate crash? Ah yes they should fit well together Group Lotus and Renault.

    I dont think Group Lotus have any idea of how upset the UK fans are and will only find out when it is too late, because this has been very low profile.

    Tony is already talking of renaming the team, and common journalist info seems to think it will be team Air Asia

    So it looks like the heavyweight politics have already been done.

    Notably no release from Renault on Thursday when they said they would confirm, nor from Tony on Friday.

    But Tony said he does not want to drag it through the courts. BUT David Hunt is already in court over GLs brand grab and says he may yet take action against Lotus Renault if they emerge.

    Should Group Lotus come to their senses their team could be called ProtonRenault. Ah if only Jean Marrie Ballestre were still here it would all be settled ;-) (in Renault’s favour of course, whatever they wanted)



    Genii Capital Proton Group Lotus Lada Renault, and Team Air Asia 1MalaysiaF1 Lotus Renault.



    Lotus vs Sutol


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