Renault sets eyes on Ferrari

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    On Boullier’s interview with Autosport, he said that they are looking to outpace Ferrari in China.

    While this is quite a logical next step ever since Mercedes crash landed its preseason form, it’s still surprising to see Boullier openly say it.

    Do you think Renault and Ferrari will be fighting for 3rd place on the constructors? Or will Ferrari out-develop Renault and catch up with McLaren and Red Bull?

    At the moment, even if the cars are equal, I think Ferrari would be slightly more competitive because of their drivers. Massa seems pretty handy this season and looks to match Petrov and Heidfeld. Alonso, on the other hand, would be one step ahead.

    Also, on the interview, Boullier mentioned improving the start system. Have they found something on the KERS that other teams haven’t?



    I would be surprised if Renault beat Ferrari. But equally, Ferrari may have to stop looking ahead and see who’s coming up behind. We may see the two teams “push” and “drag” each other into being closer to the front. With Petrov raising his game and Heidfeld in the groove, Ferrari might not have it easy. But I would be surprised.


    Dan Thorn

    I don’t think so. Ferrari have a very decent race pace at the moment, only slightly behind McLaren and Red Bull, and have the advantage in terms of drivers. Renault could be close, but I think it’s more likely that we’ll see Ferrari comfortably third for the next few races with Renault sitting in fourth. Though like Icthyes says, they could well drag each other up to the front.



    Thanks to the Bahrain being cancelled Vettel might be restricted to a mere 75 points rather than the 100 he seemed to have been heading for. The season hinges on what McLaren and Ferrari bring to Turkey, if there competing we have a championship, if there not Vettel is going to Schuey the season, he is in such an awesome grove, and credit to him, but it will be boring. ALthough if it’s broing like Malaysia was boring count me in.

    Renault don’t have the drivers, they might have the car to be round the back, but they needed a team leader rather than the capable second drivers they seem to have. An there not far back like they were last year so there development might not be as good.



    I think Ferrari may well be fighting Renault for a place on the constructor’s table at the end of the season. But dont be so sure that they can’t overtake McLaren – Renault developed very aggressively last year, and expect them to do so this year.

    I know it is very early in the season to really start talking about trends or characteristics of the cars very confidently, but the Renault does seem to be very very good with slow speed traction – off the grid, out of slow corners, etc. I think I would tip them for a very strong showing in Monaco this year…just putting it out there.

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