Renault’s Lack of pace: Is it the cars fault or the drivers?

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    We all wonder what if, what if Kubica was driving in 2011? could have he won some races? or is the Renault declining?



    It’s clear they’re declining – Petrov scored a podium in Melbourne and has been struggling massively in the last races so it’s definitely down to the car. Kubica might’ve done a slightly better job but I don’t think it’d change a lot.



    The Renault declining. Kubica could have scored a few more points than the current lineup since China, but would barely (if at all) have touched the podium outside of Australia and Malaysia, let alone win. The car simply isn’t there.



    Personally, I feel it is the cars lack of pace. In Melbourne and Sepang they scored podiums but then it seemed they just took the foot of the gas and gave up. Renault is in decline and I don’t see it reviving any time soon. Even if Kubica comes back, he’s not going to be the same driver as he was and that’s a fact. The car had a good few races but then declined, almost as if they had stopped development on it. The drivers aren’t the greatest but they by far aren’t the worst so I feel the car has just not been developed enough to keep competitive.



    Even if Kubica comes back, he’s not going to be the same driver as he was and that’s a fact.

    Why is that a fact? I think that Kubica will only want to come back if he’s as fast as before.



    What about the Line-up Good Paid drivers or great salary drivers?



    “Why is that a fact? I think that Kubica will only want to come back if he’s as fast as before.”

    I might of been a bit extreme saying it’s a fact, it’s just an accident like that, nearly loosing your life and one hand, it’s going to have physiological repercussions. I hope that he can come back and be as fast, if not faster, I just feel the cards are against him.



    A lot of people seem to have left Renault this year – team managers, designers and so on. Can’t be good. Who knows if any of them would have stayed if Kubica was there, driving the team forward.

    I guess they’ve stopped developing this car – its unique feature, the wonderfully noisy exhausts, seem to be a blind alley – and Toro Rosso and Force India have taken full advantage.

    Hopefully they’ll be back with a strong car next year, otherwise it’ll look like they’re drifting like the last Benetton years just before Renault invested in the team. And I can’t help thinking Kubica would do better to wait, recover fully, and get a better drive for 2013 when more driver contracts are up.



    I don’t think he should wait. Of cause he shouldn’t get back if he doesn’t feel ready, that can’t do him any good, but after such a shunt I think he just needs to get back into the car find the rhythm and rediscover his pace, and then aim for a top seat in 2013. I don’t think any team with a car capable of challenging for wins will let Kubica take a seat in their car if they don’t have solid prove that the old Kubica is very much back in business.



    I think Kubica could have provided leadership that could have prevented this decline to some extent but I think its a mix between the drivers and car. If Kubica was driving (ignoring my earlier point), it is safe to assume that he would definitely done better but a win would be out of the question and he wouldn’t have done as well as last year in terms of points.



    I keep seeing things get worse and worse, lack of money effort and drivers cant see the light at the end of the tunnel. We know that Renault has a good team in britain but they are declining and there arent any good news from renault base at France, if only Grosjean could spring the french back at F1, and maybe sharing the french gp at Spa. Most of the teams are pretty confident but renault in my opinion are just focusing in the next generation of engines.



    “We all wonder what if, what if Kubica was driving in 2011?” I don’t :P I genuinely don’t because he’s not here and even if he was I never rated him as much as most seemed to.

    When the car was capable Petrov stuck it on the podium. I think it’s mostly the car and not having experienced drivers to develop it. It’s tough to tell how the drivers are performing though because the line up hasn’t been stable at all.



    I guess Renault is missing Kubica not only as a good driver but also as a team leader and a guy who they could build the team around. Petrov and Senna are probably decent drivers but imho they’re not as good as, for instance, Button and Kubica, at least not yet.

    There are obviously problems with the team itself as well. From what I’ve hears about Group Lotus, I don’t think they are the right partners for an F1 team that wants to win races.

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