Renault’s pole record

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    Loup Garou

    With Webber’s pole position today at Suzuka, Renault powered cars have reportedly overtaken Ferrari for maximum pole positions in F1 history. Amazing, considering they are competing against the likes of Mercedes & Ferrari.


    Keith Collantine

    Indeed – there’s some data on this in last week’s Stats and Facts from when they equalled Ferrari’s record of 208 pole positions:

    2013 Korean Grand Prix stats and facts: Vettel helps Renault equal Ferrari poles record



    @loup-garou @keithcollantine please correct me if I am wrong. But considering that Renault has supplied engines only since 1977 it makes the record even more impressive. Although it is possible that they have provided more engines per race hence increasing their chances for pole. Some research would be interesting :)


    Loup Garou

    Williams Renault had a glut of pole positions with Newey designed engines in the early 1990s and now Renault are achieving the same good results with Red Bull. But even allowing for that ‘Newey connection’ Renault’s record in F1 is impressive.

    Another point is that unless I am mistaken, Renault were the ones who introduced turbo engines into F1 in the late 70s. I know that techonogly has changed a lot in the last 30+ years but with that experience behind them, I find it odd that a lot of people elsewhere are already writing Renault Turbo engines off against the Ferraris, Mercs and later Hondas. Furthermore, now there are stricter fuel and weight restrictions and those rules might favour Renault more than the “heavies”.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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