Reprofiling the Singapore Circuit

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    It was mentioned in one of the F1F roundups recently that the Singapore circuit may change its layout, possibly removing the section with “the Singapore Sling”.

    What I’m wondering is, how would you go about changing the circuit layout?

    Here’s my interpretation, it’s basically a trimmed down version of the current circuit, but goes for an extra block at Turn 7: http://i.imgur.com/hRJel.jpg



    I would have done the same layout as @pjtierney. The only changes iI woud make would have been:
    – At T16, that kink wouldn’t be there.
    – The last chicane would have been faster (less than 90 degrees).
    -And I would make some kind of change at turns 1-3.



    I wanted to draw mine on gmap, but I couldn’t get it to save.



    I think the track is fine. Yes, it is very long and slow and it eats up the rear tyres and the ‘Singapore Sling’ is annoying to drivers, but those are all things that make this GP unique.

    But if they really must change it, this is how I think they should do it: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=5679210

    Things that have changed:
    – The start/finish straight is longer and turn 1 is a hairpin.
    – Turn 6 is now a block further away and they come on St. Andrews road by a quick ‘S’.
    – Instead of the ‘Singapore Sling’, there is an ordinary chicane just in front of the left turn. I think the road is wide enough and if they have to, they can break away the sidewalk or even use some of the grassland of the park.
    – Instead of crossing Anderson Bridge, they take another left, which will make it a quick double left.
    – Turn 14 is much quicker and looks like a real beauty.
    – The approach towards the kink will be faster, but I think it’s just about okay safety-wise.
    – Instead of the two chicanes, they go straight until they’re past the grandstand (which will have to be rebuilt to face the other way :/), creating a second good overtaking spot.



    @necrodethmortem that looks beautiful! Actually the only change I’d make is destroying the marina grandstand and rebuild it facing the other way so we can go straight to the last chicane. That way we can save ourselves four horrible slow 90° corners and create a very good overtaking spot, as you said. I don’t mind the Singapore Sling. Actually, that’s the first corner that comes to my mind when I think of Singapore. It’s ugly, but has some kind of character :P



    @guilherme Thanks, but like I said, I think they should just leave it. Eliminating those 4 corners would take well over 10 seconds off the lap time and rebuilding the grandstand would be very costly. Also, the chicane under the grandstand seems to catch a lot of drivers out, so that makes it a keeper.

    Another thing: I read in the comments of today’s roundup that Connaught Drive is too narrow, but it looks fine to me on streetview, it’s 4 lanes wide.



    I would definitely remove the “Singapore sling” and the unnecessary chicane after it, but otherwise I’d say the circuit is pretty good. It’s extremely challenging and the driver can make a difference IMO, plus it has a unique setting and it is the one and only nigh race.



    A combination of those two designs would be perfect! Cut out the fiddly loop, but add in the extra block to lengthen the back straight and the one back past the Marina grandstand (facing the other way).
    I’m pleased you’ve found a way of keeping the last-but-one corner, which is always spectacular on TV (the left-hander where they go amazingly close to the wall) And I like the hairpin instead of the turn 1 chicane – all the best street tracks had one (Long Beach, Adelaide etc) and that’s always been an awkward spot with not enough overtaking, but lots of bickering about track limits and pitlane exit lines.



    The more different combinations I try, the more I’m convinced the most elegant layout is to take Connaught Drive instead of St. Andrews Road after turn 8. There’s no need for the ‘Singapore Sling’ and in return there’s a nice sweeper coming onto the bridge. The track would be only 300m shorter, so the likeliness of going over the time limit will be reduced, but it will still be a mini-endurance race.


    @bullfrog I don’t think you can combine those 2, because the kink at turn 15 would be too dangerous if they came from that far.

    That last chicane is necessary, because there is not enough run-off to make the final double left faster.



    I think that the basic idea to improving this track is just to simplify it. I don’t see the need for all the square corners that don’t lead to anything but more square corners. So basically, treat it like a road course, not a street circuit.


    Thats the best that I could do. The first corner would be really fast, and there would need to be a major overhaul of that whole section of the track, but it would be interesting, seeing as its almost a double-apex left hander, the “straight” between the two apexes being a constant curve. This could definitely make the run up to turn 4 a better passing opportunity, seeing as those corners become a Monza-esque momentum section, leading to higher speeds, and easier passing.

    The biggest problem here is, as @necrodethmortem pointed out, the stupid chicane that is necessary coming off of St. Andrews Rd. and onto Connaught Dr. Still, the faster corners just before the chicane allow higher speed into the chicane, possibly creating passing possibilities, and definitely making the chicane a more critical part of the track.

    And the last problem is the fact that this layout gets rid of the Grandstand tunnel, which is dissapointing because those are permanent grandstands, and I’m sure they’d hate to get rid of them. Also, the speed being carried into the corner that peels off of Raffles Ave and onto the permanent track would be very high, seeing as its coming off the straight, which might necessitate another one of those stupid chicanes. Oh well, I still think this would be the best option for F1 cars.



    Nice idea but i think they would still keep Turn 7 left-hander into Nicoll Highway as it is the spot where the most overtaking moves are executed.

    Connaught Drive is indeed 4 lanes wide but i think there is no way they can filter the cars into 2 files on that stretch in time for the Anderson Bridge 2-laner. They will have to stay on St Andrew’s Road for that to happen.

    The Crashgate grandstand section is indeed lame. But i doubt they would drop it to be honest. It guarantees 30,000 more seated spectators. A 3-day pass to that section costs USD185/£115 now in the early bird sales phase for next year’s tickets. So that’s USD5.5m/£3.45m in revenue; not a Mickey Mouse amount.



    I won’t be surprised if the revised track turns out like this.

    It is a very radical tweak but does incorporate all the rumoured revisions that have been mooted over the weekend.

    No Singapore Sling for good and the track extends into the Marina Bay Sands Casino area. The Crashgate grandstand is kept for “economic reasons” but the direction is reversed and it could be worthwhile whether it improves the racing. The straight along the Esplanade Drive is a bit long and dangerous so a Mickey Mouse chicane could possibly be installed at the junction near the Anderson Bridge to slow the cars down.




    @ginola14 That’s not exactly shorter now is it?




    it is definitely not as you pointed out but if the authorities want to extend the track to the MBS area (and keep the Crashgate stand while ditching the portion between the Cricket Club and Anderson Bridge portion), this is really just about the shortest route i can find.

    In fact, it is longer than the current circuit by a good 830m but a lap time around the revised circuit could arguably be faster than the current one.

    There are 4 fewer turns in total along with 2 very long straights and 1 medium-length straight where the cars can hit top speed for a longer duration.



    Not realistic necessarily (particularly around the grandstand, which I suppose could be left as it is if my other changes were taken up- the numbers of total and constant 90 degree corners needs reducing, but if the rest of the lap is a bit more elegant then just the final sector as it is would’t be so bad), but I prefer it:
    In retrospect, I’d maybe shorten my extension by one block.

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