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    As we all await the start of the new season in Ozz.

    There has been no news for months in the media

    of a kimi raikkonen return. The media were at 1 point

    linking him with a return consistently. But now that

    has all gone away. What is he even doing now ?

    He has been paid off by Ferrari. I would like 2 see him back

    at Mclaren. When Button`s contract expires, and the Mercedes engine

    deal ends. Ron powers the MP4 with it`s own engine.


    Red Andy

    Raikkonen’s made it pretty clear he is not interested in a return to F1. Furthermore, no team is willing to pay what he has demanded.

    I’m having trouble working out why this is so difficult for some people to understand.



    I would rather that you concentrated on your sentence structure than the unlikely return of a man who doesn’t want to be in the sport. Perhaps if you paid attention to the way your post is structured I would then be inclined to address the tiresome point which you are trying to peddle.



    He’s competing (rather well at the moment) in WRC. F1 is off his radar. He’s been there, done that and got the WDC under his belt. I hope he really manages to give some of the front-runners in WRC a run for their money.



    Kimi is now, Long Gone from F1, his last season 09 was a half assed pathetic display of a supreme talent that was not motivated in a non- competitive car. The bad boy rock star of F1 is now playing Folk Music in WRC.

    I am more focused and interested in new drivers who are trying to make their mark in the only sport I like F1…..frankly sick of Kimi’s name..full stop.


    Red Andy

    The bad boy rock star of F1 is now playing Folk Music in WRC.

    HEY – you leave folk music alone! ;)


    Stephen Jones

    another day, another raikkonen thread



    I am aware that Kimi went 2 the WRC, though my info; he got bored with that also,

    so what IS he now doing? My info, he wanted 2 return 2 F1 though nobody “competitive” had a seat available – is he still in WRC, or a consultant??

    The allBritish thing at Mclaren is wobbly. The Hamilton-Button combination

    needs to perform this (2011) season



    “Raikkonen’s made it pretty clear he is not interested in a return to F1”

    Yeah I kinda saw that when he left the grid for some ice cream.


    Bradley Downton

    Latest news flash: Kimi’s loving WRC, he will NOT come back to F1!



    There are many more drivers in F1 deserving good seats. There simply is NO room for Kimi even if he wants to return desperately.



    pepsiperfect – I can only presume that internet search engines are banned in your country of residence as quick use of any search engine would tell you the answer to your question regarding where Kimi is currently. As would the Kimi Raikkonen official website…



    This pepsiperfect fellow likes to think he knows it all.



    I’m finnish myself but I don’t think that Rikknen is that good of a driver.

    Rikknen and Massa had a very good car that year. Now we can see Massas actual pace, which he in my opinion is a class 3 driver.

    Hamilton, Vettel, Kubica, Kobayashi are class 1.

    Button, Alonso, Barrichello, Webber, Schumi, Rosberg, Kovalainen are class 2

    Buemi, Petrov, Sutil, Glock are class 3.

    (liuzzi is the worst on the grid)


    Mark Hitchcock

    Has pepsiperfect done something to deserve being talked to like James is doing or are we just feeling in an unfriendly mood at the moment?

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