Rosberg spins when new Pirelli blows up

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    Seems like Rosberg and Pirelli won’t be exchanging Christmas presents this year. Nico tweeted this and had to take it down straight away:

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    “Just spun at full speed 320km/h on bahrain straight cause my tyre blew up without warning. Thanks to that need to get some toilet paper now.”

    they conduct testing with 2013 cars, aren’t they? if that so, that would be misery because the so called massive torque of 2014 cars while destroy every tyres but concrete…


    Sri Harsha

    I hope Pirelli gets the tires right for 2014. We dont know how much torque the 2014 cars would have but i hope they stay stable.



    What is deeply concerning at this stage is that they are testing with 2013 cars which have significantly less torque than next yrs cars, if this years cars cant handle these tyres, then its time to get worried! No wonder Pirrelli made all teems agree to keep all details of the test confidential.



    First it needs to be analysed what exactly caused the defect. It could be caused by a variety of things. One of them being that the construction or rubber is not durable enough and needs to be improved. It is good to have a test now to determine that and make the necessary changes in order to have good tires for the winter tests next year.



    Indeed, would have been a big joke to have that kind of surprise at the first race … Probably a no race at all. What will they do for the testing ? Still conduct it as planned but limiting speed ?


    Timothy Katz

    I’ve copied this para from the BBC site
    “It was understood Pirelli would no longer conduct safety testing on the track and that the testing would be done on a rig, before durability and performance testing was conducted on a circuit. “
    I don’t quite understand. Does that mean that the teams will not be involved in the Bahrain test anymore, but that there will be another ‘circuit test’ for the tyres before the begining of the 2014 season??

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    Safety of 2014 tyres “not in question” – Pirelli

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