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    Yaya Ishaq

    I visit this site very often, but this is my first post. I’ve really enjoyed this season despite Vettel’s dominance, every race this year has been amazing except Valencia in my opinion, which made me think, do we really need to change the looks of the cars, the engines, gears etc in 2014? F1 is better now than it has ever been.


    Hello Ferrari_412T. Welcome to the community! :)

    Despite the fact you are obviously a Ferrari fan, I can forgive you that as I strongly agree with your post.

    The ‘formula’ has finally been perfected to as good as I think we’ll ever get. Why change what they’ve spent so long trying to achieve?



    because change is fun

    it has the potential to mix cars up a little

    I want cars to change all the time, so when anyone sees a high nose, big front spoiler, small rear spoiler, they know exactly what era of F1 they are looking at. in the same way a fan can guess a car’s date to within a few year just by the shape.

    The excitement comes from the tyres mainly and that should stay the same, at least for a while. That’s in the hand of Pirelli and there could come a point when they don’t want to known for making tyres that go off quickly.

    More KERS power in 2014 means strategic KERS use will be even better than it is now.

    We have yet to know how long DRS will be with us.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Why change what they’ve spent so long trying to achieve?

    Because if they leave things the way they are, Red Bull will continue to dominate for years to come.



    Because in F1 where after a while all the teams end up with just about similar cars. The engines are all the same layout with similar performance, the cars all weigh the same, they tend to end up looking the same because they work out what does and doesn’t work with aero etc.

    So to mix it up they change the specifications drastically. And we the fans will never agree whether if is better or worse, or just the same.

    And hopefully one of the smaller teams get a year or two of glory because one of their designers has an utterly brilliant idea that puts them 2 sec faster than the rest. And we start talking about driver Xxxxx as though he is the best thing since sliced bread, when actually all that has happened he is now in a car capable of winning and it has increased his confidence, and shattered that of others.


    David Scanlon

    There are a few rule changes that I think will improve F1.

    1. Bring back tyre wars. Let the teams use whichever tyre manufacturer they like.
    2. The ridiculous rule of double points at the last race should be scrapped immediately.
    3. Give points to 15 drivers instead of 10.
    4. Drivers should always start in opposite order of their standing in the Championship. This would see a lot more overtaking, which of course is the fun part.



    I hate every one of those ideas besides the double points one. Tyre wars can result in a particular team being hugely favoured. We don’t know how many drivers will finish races this year, and I don’t see a need to increase the number anyway. Reverse grids are painfully gimmicky, just like double points.



    Agree with matt90.
    Personally, I’d have fewer tests, I’d scrap Friday practice, I’d bring in a budget cap and a cap on driver wages, and I’d get rid of the daft top 10 quali rule and the even stupider DRS. If the engines weren’t changing this year I’d have brought back refuelling too as I like the strategic element. I’d also change the front nose rules so that they didn’t look so phallic/utterly ugly.

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