Safety car start?

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    What’s next? Safety car when the humidity is a bit too high? I have been following Formula 1 racing for about 30 years and have seen plenty of wonderful racing under rain condition. If F1 racing was easy, then every one could do it! Those who can’t stand the heat should go on to racing wheel-chairs in gymnasiums! Let real racing resume again!!


    Prisoner Monkeys

    The problem was not the rain. The problem was the puddles of standing water on the track, which combined with the surface, made things incredibly slippery. If they had started the race without the safety car, it’s likely we would have had more Webber/Rosberg incidents.



    Agree 100% PM, this was not about rain it was about track conditions. I like the lottery with a wet race but i don’t want to see cars falling of outwith skill level.



    I think they were right not to start it straight away, but the restart was too prolonged.


    The moment the cars exited Turn 2 after the original start, I realised that Charlie had made exactly the right decision. Safety is absolutely paramount and it needs to be prioritised over TV schedules and the sleep deprivation of F1 fans every single time. Maybe they could’ve brought the SC in earlier at the restart, but what harm did it do, really?



    They were right. The track was oily anyway, there were puddles and standing water combined with the usual wet weather issue of visibility. Sector 3 is full of walls anyway and Yamamoto showed just how easy it is to crash in a difficult place when it’s dry. Safety has to come first and there were champions on the grid saying it was the worst conditions they’ve ever driven in so Charlie couldn’t do aything else.



    Nothing wrong of starting the race behind the safety car by i think they were late by 6-8 laps.



    According to Bridgestone it wasn’t the track surface at all but the long straight enclosed by two walls that was the problem in restarting the race:


    (It’s in Ted Kravtiz’s video)


    Dan Thorn

    I have no problem with the length of time the restart took, the track was clearly very slippery and the long straight was sodden. The one thing that I think should have been looked at is the race start time. Starting at 3:00pm was an hour too late – if it was at 2:00pm then it leaves more time to deal with situations like we had yesterday.



    I didn’t care about the TV schedule. I did mind watching 17 laps of follow the leader at a snail’s pace! The Webber/Rosberg incident simple IS part of racing, and it happens often enough on dry tracks anyways. In recent years F1 has lost it’s luster. Where are the real drivers who used to give a real show? Is Schumi really one of the last ones from that era? Is anyone reading this remembering the awesome racing that use to take place with the likes of Damon Hill? Jean Alesi? Didier Pironi? Jacky Ickx? Ayrton Senna? Gilles Villeneuve (1981 3rd place in heavy rain at the Canadian Grand Prix after risking a black flag for his front wing, anyone remember?)? Riccardo Patrese? Gerhard Berger? Keke Rosberg? Alan Jones? And those that came even before them such as Phil Hill? Graham Hill? Giuseppe Farina? Dan Gurney? John Surtees? I could go on and on. At least those were DRIVERS and that WAS racing! These last couple of years I have started to find more pleasure in watching re-runs on video games than what is being presented to the fan. What’s the next step? Bring back real racing! That’s all I ask.



    I was there at the time and I believe Charlie made absolutely right decision. it seems like too tricky to me, even as a spectators.


    Bradley Downton

    I agree, it was the right decision to start behind the safety car but as Exoticar said they’re supposed to be racing drivers, only Lewis Hamilton proved to be a true DRIVER wanting to race

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