Who is Sauber’s secret sponsor?


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    Force Maikel

    For the last two races Sauber has been teasing us with messages on their cars.
    China: out of the blue
    Bahrain: True blue
    We know they will have the sponsor on their car starting from the Spanish GP. But we wouldn’t be fanatics if we wouldn’t discuss it earlier. I found an interesting Dutch link and I transelated it for you fine people. It suggests that it’s a deal with Russian businessman Roman Abramovits owner of Chelsea football club.
    Link: http://www.gppits.net/nieuws/nieuwe_sponsor_sauber1/

    Saubers new sponsor
    The Sauber F1 Team has attracted a new big sponsor but has been quite mysterious about the name of their new sponsor. Sauber has been driving around this weekend with the text ‘’True Blue’’ promptly on the engine cover. It seems Sauber wants to start speculations.
    It is assumed that Sauber has found a sponsor in the rich Russian businessman Roman Abramovitsj. Abramovitsj is owner of the Chelsea and would like to attract more attention trough Sauber. This phenomena isn’t entirely new, the English premier-league club has been doing the same with Caterham F1
    Also former Williams sponsor AT&T, the American telecom giant is connected to sauber. AT&T loaded several millions in Formula 1 until last year. Yet this deal seems highly unlikely because Sauber already has a major Mexican Telecom Sponsor Telmex.
    Soon Sauber will announce witch sponsor it realy is. We’ll keep you posted at GPPits.net.

    I can’t vouch for the reliability of this link
    Any of you have another theory?



    Labatt’s? The Canadian brewery that used to sponsor Williams. Someone wrote in to Joe Saward’s blog suggesting this. A quick search suggests “Out of the Blue” fits in with their advertising.

    I’m guessing they couldn’t advertise alcohol in Bahrain (a law that appeared to change overnight on Saturday, allowing Force India to appear on TV during the race…) but no doubt there are other good reasons for not revealing the name yet.

    More likely it’s another Mexican sponsor, and your pictures suggest the teaser’s only on Pérez’s car…



    I read some where that it could be the airline JetBlue. They often have Out of the Blue written on the front of their planes, and I think True Blue is the name of their priority club




    here in mexico some news stated as a fact it was chelsea FC.



    I guess Perez’ drive in Malaysia wasn’t only good for the result and the points, but might have also been decisive in getting a major sponsor. Nice to see Sauber getting some money, hopefully they can use it well to develop the fundamentally good car.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Nice to see Sauber getting some money, hopefully they can use it well to develop the fundamentally good livery.

    There, I fixed it for you.


    Force Maikel

    @bullfrog you are incorrect about the mexican angle. Here is a pic of kobayashi in shangai having the text also on the car. The picture i uses in the opening post is from friday practice when the sticker was not yet in place.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    It’s obviously going to be TRU-BLU steel tubing:




    Haha @Prisoner Monkeys that is what I thought of when I first saw it.



    Blue Nun anyone?


    Keith Collantine
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