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    Prof Kirk

    ‘What if’ scenario’s is a personal favourite activity of mine. If your unfamiliar with the terminology it really is quite simple, ‘what if’ generally asks you to make a decision based on a certain circumstance.

    Scenario 1:

    “Your a rookie driver with a decent amount of ability at the age of 22, you had scored a test drive position with HRT after being ‘groomed’ by the team since karting, (like Lewis Hamilton and McLaren), your performance impresses both your boss and other teams. In 2012 you are given a few options, 1st Driver for HRT, 2nd Driver for Sauber or a test driver for MercedesGP.”

    How do you play your career considering the investment and strong relationships that you have formed with HRT, and by switching teams you HRT will make sure that they make it difficult for you wether thats insider information thats leaked or there drivers block you on the race track. – Discuss

    Scenario 2:

    “Your driving for Ferrari about to win your first ever race at the season finale in Abu Dhabi, but Fernando Alonso is behind you and he is racing for the championship, and in order for him to become the world champion he must finish first. You’ve finished second multiple times this year to Fernando but never had the raw ability to beat him until today, you’ve driven for years with teams including Torro Rosso and Sauber and showed good pace, but the end of your opportunity to win a race may never happen again. You can either let Fernando win yet another world championship and become a Ferrari’s number 2 driver, or win the race and loose your contract and possibly picked up by a slower uncompetitive team like Virgin” – Discuss

    Scenario 3:

    “You lucky devil, your my penny bags son from monopoly and you have a substantial amount of money to throw around so you naturally decide to invest enough money in 6 seasons with a new F1 team. When hiring the appropriate people you are given the option of deciding whether you want to follow a more conservative safe approach which will be a 5 season plan before your team starts winning races and becomes a notable contender OR you could hire the team that makes the car look like something from a concept artists book, so whacky and cool like a spaceship, and gain a following of appreciation and notoriety but never win a race.” – Discuss.



    1) Sauber, race seat, reasonable car, I need to show kamai he’s not the only one.

    2) Win, I’m a racing driver, not a championship delivery boy

    3) slow and steady, here to win, not be a novelty.


    Nic Morley

    I would do all the same as Hare would.



    1/ Sauber

    2/ Let Fernando win. There’s no better drive than Ferrari and if I’m a real racing driver I’ll always believe that I’ll have a chance to win. Gilles let Jody win and I’d let Fernando.

    3/ Slow and steady


    Prisoner Monkeys

    In scenario two, I’d let Fernando by. But first of all, I would dial out a massive lead, and I would not let him by until the last minute. I would park the car as close to the line as possible and get out. I’d want the whole world to know that the only reason why Alonso won the World Championship is because I let him.



    as steph said



    Well, for the first one I would be going with HRT, especially if they had groomed me for the last years, they must have the stability they are lacking at the moment, therefore they can become a viable place to start one’s career.

    The second one would end with me letting Alonso past. Even as Ferrari’s number two you can win races (as Barrichello, Massa, Irvine and all the others showed us) and to bring a bit of reality into it, when I am old enough to have driven for several midfield teams, Alonso would be somehow around 35-40 years or so, close to retirement which would give me the chance to take the #1 spot.

    The third one would most certainly be the reasonable approach of developing the team to win, because you can get appreciation as a team even without creating silly race cars.



    1 Definatley Sauber, but try adn wrangle something out of Merc for the future. THe best way to impress the teams is beating your teamate on track.

    2 I like PM’s one. Cept, I’d slow down on the final straight, an just genture to him to take the lead. Little hand wave, sort of a I’m letting you have it.

    3 Win, Obvs. But I’d hire exciting designers anyway.


    Red Andy

    1) Sauber. Although if HRT has the money for a youth program they would probably be further up the grid than they are now, so maybe I’d stick with them depending on how they were performing.

    2) Let Alonso win. There will be opportunities for many more wins in the future, whereas if you get turfed to the back of the grid there probably won’t be.

    3) Slow and steady.

    My contribution to this thread:

    You are at the last race of the season, fighting it out for the world title with one other driver. Whoever finishes ahead of the other will be champion – but your rival has qualified on pole, and due to a botched Q3 you’ve wound up tenth. As you are chatting casually to your mechanics on the starting grid, you notice a lion escape from the grandstands and leap onto the circuit, racing towards your rival in the hope of making him a tasty snack. Do you:

    a) Heroically run towards your rival and bundle him out of the way of the slavering beast just in time. You’re probably going to lose the championship, but your valour and heroism will be remembered for time immemorial.

    b) Let the lion eat him. In your defence, insist that the responsibility of ensuring the track is clear of carnivorous mammals lies with the Clerk of the Course. You will win the championship, but F1 pundits and Internet forums for the rest of history will insist you would never have done so had your chief rival not been eaten by a lion.

    The choice is yours.



    a) BUT, as you run towards the lion, buy a mild sedative at the Boots Williams have taken to running, subtley inject (I know creepy) your rival with them in the ensuing big cat bundle, shake the hand of your rival in front of the worlds media as he looks on dazed and shaken by the near lion death, tell him not to worry, it’s always happening here.


    plus 10,000 EXP



    c.) Do nothing because a lion would be completely irritated by the noise on a race track and even if he were to break free the only thing he would do is try to get as far away from the race track as beastly possible.

    Hooray for deconstructionism!



    As Steph said.



    I love PM’s one.



    lol Klon +5



    1) I would go for the Sauber 2nd seat. Seems the best way to get some mileage in.

    2) I would pull over. I would have to have the confidence my time would come again…or I shouldn’t be racing!

    3) Slow and steady, in it for the long haul.

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