Schumacher and Ferrari

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    The Radical

    It’s unlikely, but who wouldn’t want to see Michael Schumacher back in a Ferrari in 2013?

    Massa making way for Schumacher – returning to Sauber, the entire situation would be poetic if it unfolded, returning the favour for Michael stepping aside at the end of 2006…

    Whether you love him or hate him, it’s clear to see that Schumacher has improved hugely this season.

    He’s outqualified Rosberg eight-six and outraced Rosberg six-one when he’s finished, there’s no doubting his worthiness of a place on the grid.

    It’s a case of whether the dream team can be reunited as far as I see it.



    The only way I could have seen this happening would be if Ferrari were after Perez to fill a 2013 vacancy if Ferrari grew tired of Massa at the end of this year but weren’t yet ready to take on ‘inexperienced’ (I quote LdM) Perez.

    However, McLaren have ruined that for them.



    The only chance of this happening is if they have another candidate for 2014 and they need a driver only for 2013. At that point they could keep Massa, which is more likely, but it would be fantastic if Schumacher retired after racing for Ferrari, like he had done in 2006. He’d probably have better results than this year and, who knows, perhaps a fantastic victory. If they did sign him, it would be more because of the significance of the pairing rather than competitiveness. Massa at Sauber would be great as I fear he has not much time left at Ferrari and of all the other teams Sauber would be the best place for him to go.



    @fixy – You mean like Vettel? ;)


    Keith Collantine

    Sorry to be the one to pour cold water on this, but:



    The Radical

    True @keithcollantine, but stranger things have happened in Formula One.

    Who would have thought Schumacher would even come back in the first place? Until Massa, Hulkenberg or di Resta is confirmed for 2013, anything is possible!

    A move to Sauber on the other hand, in many ways would be more poetic than his return with Mercedes or a return to Ferrari, given he raced for Peter Sauber in sports cars immediately prior to Belgium ’91…



    @keithcolantine That blows…

    Anyways, it would be a powerful lineup having Schumacher alongside Fernando… too bad it´s highly doubtful.


    Neil Barone

    I woud like to sea Michael Shumacher drive Ferrari but I hope Alexander Rossi gets drive. I no I no I no its not realisticc but still possibel!!!!!



    Sauber would hire Schumacher if he was prepared to drive for a smaller team, according to CEO Monisha Kaltenborn. Peter Sauber had already indicated his interest at the Singapore Grand Prix. Schumacher would need to take quite a substantial pay cut if he went there, but I can’t imagine that money is his foremost priority at this stage of his career.

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