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    sbl on tour

    after his antics today, I think its time to go, cant teach an old dog new tricks



    You can be ruthless & that’s OK is F1 but you shouldn’t be crossing the limit that’s when things will take a different turn for you.


    Dan Thorn

    I think the opposite – If he’s willing to be that aggressive over a single point then he’s certainly still got the determination and drive to win. We’ll see next year – that’ll be the acid test.


    The move was disgraceful! He can’t say he never seen Rubens, you clearly saw schuey looking in his mirrors. If there was contact with the wall, it could have been very serious.

    Yes you defend and take risks, but that was far too much.



    Agreed, it’s Ridiculous. He finished off in 2006 in style. All he’s doing is just ruining all his stats and looking a complete pillock.



    “He finished off in 2006 in style”

    Well that year he had controversy too. It’s who he is really which is wrong but if he thinks he can challenge for a title next year and stille njoys it then he won’t go. Rubens said there was no point talking to him as he always thinks he’s right, they day he thinks he’s wrong he’ll retire.



    Oh he has said he was wrong. Maybe the racing craft is still rusty and clearly I shouldn’t type so quickly :P


    Tom L.

    The best thing about the whole incident is that it shows that two men at age 38 and 41 are still prepared to go at it hammer and tongs for 10th place and a single point. If ever we needed proof that those two are as motivated as they ever were, that was it.



    Those of us who have followed Formula 1 for many years are not surprised with Schumacher’s moves. We’ve seen it all before. He sometimes sounds repentful but then it happens again and again and again. While he was champion few dared to openly criticize, now he’s just a has-been. Hope he doesn’t get a ride next year, he adds nothing to the sport.


    sbl on tour

    well said drfor



    Well said Tom L.



    Well how come nobody is coming out and saying we are talking about racing, not playing Bocce Ball at the gentlemen’s club. What should the drivers do when somebody is trying to over take? Just say, “after you sir, you seemed to be a in a hurry, go right ahead, I will lift off so it is easier on you”. This is racing! Schumacher raced with the likes of Senna and Mansel, Berger, Piquet and so on. Did you guys see this video:

    Webber was going for Massa’s throat, he would have gotten him if Massa had not passed him by then. There are many more likes this

    Bottom line, I want to see racing, not pussyfooting on the track!


    Yes its racing, but there are some moves that are too dangerous and this was one of them. I can only think that because the 2 of them are mature racing drivers, there was no incident but if it was a younger driver trying to squeeze by schuey I would think there would have been contact with the wall.

    Needless to say it wasn’t really racing, imo, Rubbens was much faster and due to dirty air couldn’t pass. Schuey made a mistake and Rubbens got close enough for a slipstream and drive past. After the pass Rubbens clearly pulled away. This is not racing. This is a faster car passing a slower car.



    pablo, it is still racing, what would you call it if a car is 2/1000 seconds per lap faster than another car, not racing, just passing? Even a car is at least 800/1000 seconds per lap faster than another car (Vettle vs Alonso) it is not so easy to pass, especially at Hungary. It is racing and people are making a big deal out of it. Ruben’s has a wound (letting Shumacher win the race in 2002) and I think that wound was reopened with the recent events. I cannot blame Rubens for feeling the way he does. But the drivers are on track to race, not worry about how hard they should fight. Do you think likes of Webber, Massa, Alonso and Hamilton are going to worry about how dangerous it may be? I hope not.



    I think Michael was basically just putting some manners on Rubens. Michael knew what he was doing, he knew how far from the wall he was and he knew that Rubens would s*** his pants. Of course it was dangerous otherwise there would have been no point in doing it but the bottom line is that Michael left Rubens just enough space, Michael was playing chicken with him. If he really wanted to put him in the wall he could have but he chose not to. It’s the kind of personal vendetta you don’t often see in F1 but is much more common in other sports.

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