Scoop : official shortlist to replace Kubica

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    Renault say it’ll be either Senna, Luizzi or Heidfeld..


    Can’t help thinking Heidfeld is the better option all in.

    ( sorry, had to scoop Keith on this ;) )



    What a boring line up. Luizzi and Senna would be a total waste of a good car, both are frankly a bit rubbish. Heidfeld, well, what can you say huh? Underrated and over rated in equal measure, Mr Consistancy really is the only appropriate tag.

    What annoys me is that Glock is sitting RIGHT THERE! Use Kubica’s insurance pay off to buy out his contract!



    Well, cometh the hour, cometh the man.. If there was ever a better time for Senna to take the stage, now is it. There’s a good chance he’ll behind the wheel this week.. He has to impress, what else can he do?



    Well they’ve got a chance to test with Senna before they have to make any decisions so yea, agreed Hare.



    What about Hulkenberg? Senna and Luizzi would both be a total waste, and whilst Heidfeld is consistent, the fact that he’s a potential candidate for the seat- and doesn’t have a permanent drive- speaks volumes.

    Raikkonen would be brilliant, and as much as I’d like it to be so, it was never going to happen.

    But Hulkenberg is the perfect candidate. He should never have been let go by Williams- Renault wouldn’t regret it.



    Of the three I think it should go to Heidfeld but overall if I were to but anyone in the car that is in a slower car than it should be Glock or Sutil. I am glad I am not the only one to want Glock in that car, it would be a shame to see him in the back his whole career.



    I think people should give bruno a chance. The only time he had a front running car in any series he georgio pantano as a tema mate who was very experienced at gp2!

    He has had no real opportunity to show his worth, we should reserve judgement until after he drives a competitive car… if he gets the chance!



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    People seem to be forgetting that Renault probably wants to have Kubica back. Employing a top grade driver as a stand-in is probably not a good idea.

    If they bring someone like Senna in, they can have two reasonably new guys to the sport trying to earn their spot as in the no.2 race seat once Kubica returns. Plus, what is the point of hiring a replacement driver that will cost you money. In the interim, Renault can run two pay drivers and easily demote one of them to a reserve role when Kubica returns. A top driver will be complicated and expensive.



    David, while you make a good point, Renault aren’t in the business of taking it easy, it robert is out for a year, then they NEED to take advantage of this car, it may be a winner, it may be the only winner they have for a long time. In sport, you must take your opportunities or you’ll be laid to waste.



    Only a matter of time until Keith closes this thread! :)


    sbl on tour

    without kubica, the regie is well and truly stuffed!



    The Regie has no say. Renault is fully owned by Lopez and Lotus now. If they had, they would certainly pick a top driver to replace Kubica for PR purposes. I think Lotus-Renault is going to take Senna as a replacement and hire Heidfeld as a test driver. If Senna doesn’t live up to expectations in the first three GP,Heidfeld will take his seat.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    They won’t hire Heidfeld as test driver because they already have five including Senna.



    hi guys, Hare saw it coming – the topic is being discussed already at – http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/2011/02/09/senna-heidfeld-and-liuzzi-in-frame-for-kubicas-drive/

    Topic Closed :)

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