Sebastian Vettel Or Fernando Alosno. Who Will Be The First To Three World Titles?

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    I was just reading James Allen’s blog, and he mentioned that Alonso has challenged Vettel to see who can be the first to three world titles. I just wondered what you guys all though? Heres my opinion:

    Alonso in my view is the most complete driver right now, up there with Schumacher in his prime (although just below that level). He is the only man in the field to have beaten the statistically best driver we’ve ever seen both reguarly in races and in a straight fight for the WDC. So based on this I would go with Alonso.

    I hear you all saying “Red Bull have the fastest car” ect, and none of us know who will be the quickest, although Red Bull will be quick from the off next year thanks to the stability of the rules. But who will be first in your view, if either of them? Or maybe Button or Hamilton will step up to the mark?



    Vettel. Guy is on fire and is more likely to have a better car. Alonso has an edge in experience but he’s not God.



    Depends on what you mean – first to third title or the youngest three times world champion? If the youngest, it’s easily Vettel, as he’s 6 years younger. The record for youngest ever three time world champion is 31 (I think), by Senna and Schumacher, not sure about months/days. Alonso will be 31 next year as well.

    It’s very likely Vettel will win another title in 5 years’ time, and he’ll probably be the youngest ever triple world champion.

    As for who’ll be there first, hard to say. The two are, in my opinion, the best two in formula one at the moment and if Ferrari can produce a good car from the start it’ll be tight.

    Honestly can’t say and that’s why I’m very much looking forward to the battle.



    Im saying Vettel

    Looking towards 2012 i just cant see there being a big enough swing in car performance to stop Vettel and Red Bull getting a Hattrick

    Find it hard to argue over which ones the better Alonso been in a few big fights for the title compaired to Vettel who walked this this season and had the best car last season so im already looking towards 2013 for the swing away from red bull


    Colossal Squid

    Alonso and Ferrari are due a competitive full season sometime soon….right?
    That’s my mentality anyway. Given what Alonso has done since joining Ferrari in cars that were nowhere near the fastest on the grid I’d love to see him and Vettel duke it out in cars relatively equal in performance. Should that happen next year or the year after I’d give it to Alonso, but it’d be tight!

    Who knows? Maybe McLaren will destroy the field next year and the question will become who will be first to three WDC’s: Fernando, Lewis or Sebastian?



    If the the macca were to be that good I would’nt discount Jenson.
    But it probably is down to those 4 with Seb & Fernando slight favourites as they already have 2.
    It will really come down to whoever has the car advatage.
    But if by some fluke Merc. produce a rocket next year, who will be first to 8?



    Well if the Mclaren is the fastest next year – then Lewis or Jenson could well become the third double champion – setting us up nicely for the new rules, engines and regulations.

    And it would be even better to have Mclaren V RedBull Racing V Scuderia Ferrari drivers going for Triple Crowns.



    What we need is for the McLaren to be best car for the next two seasons so Jenson and Lewis can get two WDC’s each. Then in three years time have the cars about equal and a four way fight for the first to 3 championships.



    It’s very difficult to pick right now but considering the ban on exhaust blown diffuser which look set to take effect next season.I think Ferrari has an advantage,so i go for Alonso.



    It’s very difficult to pick right now but considering the ban on exhaust blown diffuser which look set to take effect next season.I think Ferrari has an advantage,so i go for Alonso.



    This should be a poll! I’ll go for Seb V



    Vettel. It really annoys me that Alonso hasn’t got his third yet. He’s the best driver on the grid imo and he’s spent 08,09 and 2011 in useless cars.



    I think it’s a travesty that Alonso hasn’t got at least 3 WDCs by now but I must admit Vettel/Red Bull are favourites going into next year. Even though I still think Alonso is the better driver Red Bull will probably have the fastest car again next year.



    I don’t think the Redbull will have the advantage next year that it has had in 2011. The Redbull was the only car designed around the blown diffuser concept and I would expect the banning of them in 2012 to even the field up slightly. In that respect I would give it to Alonso.

    Steph, the 2011 Ferrari is hardly a dog is it? It has won a race and probably should have won in Monaco (tail end charlies allowing) as well as enabling Alonso to compete for 2nd in the drivers championship. I’m sure he wouldn’t get much sympathy from the HRT drivers if he wandered into their garage and started complaining about his ‘dog’ of a car!



    They’re relatively dogs, compared to where they were expected to be. The only time when they have really really gotten over their prime tyres in the race was the one where the track was as severe in terms of energy loadings into the tyre; as demonstrated by the McLarens and Red Bulls having to manage their tyres a lot

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