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    Hey guys, new member – I’m making a model of the MP4/$ and would like to make it as accurate as possible to Senna’s Monaco quali car from ’88. Now there aren’t too many pics around – I’ve seen several of when he crashed during the race, but there is another more confusing pic of him going around the hairpin which has a slightly different arrangement of Shell advertising down the side pods. Does anyone know whether they ran a different livery in quali, or does anyone have any pics of the car that they know are definitely from quali so I can identify / eliminate which livery to use?

    Thanks in advance!



    Cant help with pictures, but if u live in the UK, perhaps this video will help? Its from the race and not the qualy though…




    Thanks – I’m really struggling here because I just don’t understand! The pic I have of him going around the hairpin is definitely from ’88 as he’s carrying the number 12, but this is the only pic I can find where the livery is different to the car that he crashed in (which was obviously the race car!) so it must be from either quali or practice…



    In this picture from Monaco ’88 you can see Shell’s logo but not its symbol, and it is undoubtedly from the race.

    In this other picture the logo and symbol are together, so it is not from the race.

    Which one was used in qualifying remains a mistery, for the first one could have been used in Q and R, or the second one in FP and Q.



    I guess they changed the part that the logo was on. And maybe applied the vinyl sticker in a different place.



    My guess is that in qualifying, they ran slightly different bodywork than they did for the race, because they wanted to extract the most performance out of the car (not necessary in hindsight), and would’ve run bodywork that provided more cooling for the engine to help reliability.

    If that was the case, the panel on the race version would’ve been smaller, and couldn’t fit the Shell text with the logo (without making a slightly smaller version, which would’ve been much harder then without easy access to a computerised plotter).


    Keith Collantine


    As an avid modeler I use the following website a lot.


    The images of the Mclaren don’t really specify which race it was used in but

    it may help with some of the details and putting the pieces of the puzzle together.



    Sorry, I just posted info on the MP4/5 not the 4. I’m a tool.

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