Senna movie in the US

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    Lord Stig

    Senna just opened in the U.S. today (8/19) for “wider release” past just Los Angeles and New York City. I for one just saw it in Berkeley, CA for its opening screening and to my surprise the fairly large theater was almost entirely filled. I enjoyed it quite a lot and would encourage people to see it even if they are not diehard F1 fans. So who else in the U.S. is going to see Senna?

    Here is a link to a page that shows which theaters are showing it: (http://on.fb.me/nJk68Y).



    Just went today to a matinee showing in Michigan. Theater not full, but it was a good crowd. The type of people wasnt what I expected considering all the motorheads around detroit this weekend for the Woodward Dream Cruise, there were a lot of couples and dads and son’s. Movie was excellent!


    Adam Tate

    It doesn’t open till the 26th in Dallas, but I am definitely going.



    Opens the 26th in Seattle too at the Varsity. Unfortunately one of my lifelong friends is getting married that day and having another party the following day, so I probably won’t get a chance to see it on the big screen until the following weekend. I saw it back in May when it was briefly on Netflix, and was blown away. Can’t wait to see it again on the big screen.



    I will be going some time this week to see it in Washington D.C.



    @bigredbears- you didn’t happen to be at the Main Art Theater in Royal Oak on Saturday night, did you? Who knew, a fellow f1fanaticker in Detroit watching the Senna movie at (possibly) the same time and location as me! Small world



    Thanks for making this post (and thanks to Keith for putting it in one of the round-ups), otherwise I might have missed its release in theaters. Saw it today with my dad and brother, weren’t that many people in the theater, about 20 or so, but I really enjoyed the film. Was very entertaining, had some great footage like the drivers meetings and such. I was just in awe of the Monaco onboard lap on the big screen, amazing footage, amazing drive.



    is this another movie of Senna next to his movie “speed of sound”??



    I would LOVE to go see it in Indianapolis on the 26th (if money and schedule allows).


    Lord Stig

    Instead of posting a new thread I though I will just revive this one.

    Along with the Senna film now being available on iTunes for rental you can stream the film on Netflix in HD in the U.S. Disk rental is not available yet with no ETA.

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