Senna to McLaren?

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    Bradley Downton

    Although yound Bruno hasn’t really impressed, i can’t see all the teams letting the Senna name dissapear from F1 again. Another season in strugglers HRT in 2011 and a possible move to a slightly better team in 2012 could just be temporary in gaining F1 experience to take Button’s McLaren seat when he inevitably leave at the end of 2012. McLaren have stated they want another Senna in thier car and in an interview for F1 Racing Senna said he wanted to drive for one team, but would’nt reveal who it was until he was driving for them, in another interview he was quoted as sayin ‘i wouldnt say no’ with a wink when showed a picture of the 2010 McLaren?


    Ned Flanders

    Well I’m sure HE wouldn’t say no. But McLaren would



    They need a test driver that has driven an F1 car at least on par with the front of the field.

    HRT can’t even come within a couple of seconds of McLaren (or most for that matter).

    Can’t see it happening.


    Dan Thorn

    Sorry, but I don’t think Senna’s good enough. Yes he tested well for Honda and yes it must be difficult for his motivation driving round at the back week in week out, but when someone like Klien (who is, lets face it, average) jumps in the car and outqualifies you by more than a second, then Yamamoto does it by 8 tenths you have to wonder if Senna will progress much further than the back of the grid.


    Bradley Downton

    although Yamamoto only out-qualified Senna because Bruno didnt really know the track having done very limited practice adn Bruno beat Sakon in the race



    Naaah. Dream world. Nice dream world. Now, if McLaren had a 3rd car! :)


    Bradley Downton

    but Button is likely to leave McLaren when his contract expires and who better to replace him than a guy whose got the name thats already been at McLaren, he would bring a ton of sponsors



    Gotta agree with Dan Thorn there. To say Klein is an average driver, is paying Klein a compliment, yet he outqualified Bruno by a second in his first race appearance for HRT. I would still give Senna the benefit of the doubt by saying thiongs didn’t really go his way that weekend, but to be 0.8s behind Yamamoto in quali, is just shameful. I dont see Bruno getting anywhere in this sport, and lets face it, if it wasn’t for his last name, he wouldn’t even be here.


    Ned Flanders

    “Now, if McLaren had a 3rd car! :)”…

    …Senna wouldn’t be in that either



    Actually it would need McLaren to have 20 cars for Senna to get a place and that’s being optmistic.

    If he was to get into the place of one of them he would be 2secs behind Hamilton or Button and the biggest joke in the entire grid and ruin McLaren championship chances.

    McLaren isn’t one of these small, petty teams like Williams or Sauber or Hispania to lay down on bed with sponsors and bring a horrible driver into the grid for the money.

    Seriously guys just the mere thought of it is completely ridiculous. What will be next? One of Schumacher’s or Prost’s daughers to Ferrari?



    If McLaren hired Senna for anything other than sweeping the floors they would become the biggest joke in F1, Senna was bested by Karun Chandhok, nevermind Klien! McLaren don’t need the ‘potential’ sponsors he would bring (I don’t see the HRT daubed in Brazillian sponsors) and don’t need the negative press that would inevitably follow his appalling performances relative to his team mate.



    I don’t see that happening in the next 2-3 years.



    It may not be fair to judge Senna yet because we know the HRT team is such a shambles, you can’t just look at a given result and assume that both cars were working, or properly prepared throughout the practice sessions. Like was said, Yamamoto got a lot more running that weekend.

    However, that doesn’t mean he won’t be judged because as we know F1 is not always fair. I think those who were hoping to see the Senna name hit the big time again should simply hope that he stays in F1 next year, that’s all they should be praying for at the moment.



    Looking at his past performance in GP2 (8th in the first season, 2nd in his second) and British F3 (10th in his first and 3rd in his second season), he must have talent. I think the HRT team is desperately slow this year and that Senna should be properly tested by a better team.



    To be fair we shouldn’t all jump to conclusions about Senna not being good enough. He currently drives a dribbling dog of a car.

    We’d would never really know if he’d suit Mclaren until we put him IN one.

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