Senna to Williams

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    Bradley Downton

    I’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again, i reckon it will happen, and apparently so does the Anchor of Band News FM: http://esportes.terra.com.br/automobilismo/formula1/2012/noticias/0,,OI5528536-EI19257,00-Radio+Bruno+Senna+assina+com+Williams+e+complica+Rubinho.html
    (Please Note the article will need converting to your language)


    Oli Peacock

    Wheres my mension? @bradley13


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I think I’ll wait for official confirmation. The Brazilian journalists tend to jump the gun when it comes to Brazilian drivers. I remember them insisting that Senna had a drive for the 2011 season around this time last year.

    Besides, I seem to recall Senna having said in the past that his family did not want him to drive for Williams, which is understandable. For now, here is Senna himself saying “I haven’t signed anything”:




    It would be awkward to see Bruno in Williams. But guys,let’s be realistic,this wont happen. Why?
    1)I think Frank Williams wouldn’t want it to happen,based on the past.
    2) As “Prisoner Monkeys” said,Senna’s family wouldn’t let that happen also.
    3) There is too much competitors for Williams seat. Most of have solid sponsorship money with them.
    So I’d say this is unreal and the publication by brazilian media is false.
    But I do hope Bruno finds a place to stay (A good place for one) where he could get a stable chance of having a long-term drive and chances of proving that he han win.



    Wouldn’t be surprised



    It sounds very wrong to hear the words Senna and Williams.
    1994 was bad enough.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    @johnf1fanatic – I wouldn’t go reading too much into it. Senna himself has denied signing anything. Like I said, Brazilian journalists tend to believe whatever they’re told when it comes to Formula 1; they were saying the same things about Senna about this time last year.



    Oh Jeez, get over it! It was nearly 20 years ago.

    There is nothing wrong with Senna driving a Williams other than the fact that he has resorted to relying on his uncles name now and only appears able to get drives with the misty eyed teams who want to revitalise the name association of the past for promotional reasons.



    I’ve just heard that B. Senna visited Woking factory to do some technical and physical exams, however, Rubens also did it this week…. so … it doesn’t mean that any of them are already signed for next year !! I personally think that Senna will be Williams driver for 2012… I really don’t know if this is their best option…. I would sign Alguersuari or Sutil …. however … I think Bruno deserves a full year… and I think it will be his last chance do to something …


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Why on earth would Senna and Barrichello be visiting Woking? That’s McLaren HQ. Don’t you mean he would have visited Grove?

    And I don’t think Senna deserves a full season. He had one in the Hispania, and failed to impress. He had half a season with Renault, and still failed to impress. When the likes of Sutil are available (even if Sutil is not an exciting choice), signing Senna would be a bad move.



    Actually, didn’t Senna get a partial season at HRT as well? Sakon took his and Karun’s seat in a few races, I just can’t recall how many.



    Senna was only replaced at one race last year, if I recall correctly.



    Rubens was on twitter saying he’s waiting for good news from Williams so he’s defiantly hopeful about his spot, which if Senna was running for it, he wouldn’t be so hopeful. It’s a huge dilemma for everyone really, Senna is a quick-ish driver (all be it, hyped up a lot because of his surname) but he also has sponsorship. It would be good to see him just race one full season for crying out loud. It’s hard to judge him after half, probably less, a season driving a wagon (HRT) and then half a season in a cart (Renault). All we know is that any driver that is out of contract now is looking at that one seat because it’s the best chance they have. So Algersuarui, Buemi, Senna, Barichello, Liuzzi possibly, Chandhok, Nick Heidfeld, D’ambrosio, Mansell, Prost could be linked to a race drive at Williams, just because they have a seat going spare.



    I admit the scenario has become more inviting in my mind recently. I would see it as a chance for Williams to redeem itslef (I think it suffered hugely from the loss of Ayrton) and doing so with a Senna would be a way to remember the past and put these two great names of motorsport back together, and hoping it ends up differently.
    But I would be sad to see Rubens go, and I don’t think Senna is a good enough driver.



    …yes, Prisoner Monkeys, you’re right, it’s Grove …

    I think that impress someone driving a Hispania car should be impossible for any driver … plus … last year they didn’t had a single test before the first GP …

    I agree that Sutil or even Alguersuari should be a good choice for them …

    .. but again .. If Bruno managed to run in front of Kobayashi, Buemi, Petrov, D’Ambrosio, Maldonado, Grosjean at GP2 in 2008 …. he might not be that bad …

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