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    Whats with all the hate for Nico Rosberg?

    I just don’t get it, the kid is underrated beyond belief (even Keith notices this) and no matter how much he pounded Schumi last season people still won’t even bother to take a glance at him.

    Are people somewhat afraid of Nico actually posing a threat now since he schooled one of the most legendary drivers of our time and that he still gets spat on from f1 fans who quite frankly must of blanked the whole season with him.

    Kubica did well last season and is now tipped to be future WDC material why not Nico?

    Or is that the mindset against Nico just because he is a “pritty rich boy” somehow gives him the “no hope” title against the likes of working class drivers, Lewis or Alonso etc…

    Nico has never had a title contending car in his whole career yet when he gets closer to getting it his results greatly improve, obviously. Yes I admit his starts are horrible, but his race results are pritty much always positive to his qualifying posistion. He sticks out of trouble when most needed but is solid all race to get the results.

    People on here always talk about Jenson’s ability to preserve the tyres with his smooth driving style yet Nico is the same and he can qualify better than him.

    What results from the past proove that Nico will never surpass the likes of Lewis or Vettel in this season or next? confidence is a big thing to have in this sport ask Jenson and Webber about that, Nico has a lot now after beating Schumacher.

    Don’t be fooled by this name I’m quite serious, if he gets a title contending car he will challenge. Nico might not be the best overtaker or the best qualifier or let alone the “pure fastest” but by Bernie’s wig he is more consistent in all those area’s then half of the top runners we see in the top 3 teams.

    I bring this up because I was doing an experiment of sorts to see the response of people’s reaction to a Nico Rosberg fan (Nico is my 2nd favorite driver) amongst the likes of the big 4 fanboy groups lewis, alonso, vettel, schumacher.

    It was a very toxic atmosphere, mostly from the die hard schumi fans which wouldn’t suprise me after being all defensive after last season’s whooping. But here they are again the media and fans hyping up a man who got outclassed badly by somebody younger. If any post involves schumi, schumi fanboys slurring Nico’s name are not far behind to post it after being quiet for months.

    They would of prefered it was someone like Alonso, Lewis or Vettel that done it….nope it was some dark horse called Nico who surprised a lot of people that year, so why all the excuses and hate for the guy? he beat a 7xWDC in the same car.

    It seems every new f1 fan is doomed to join the collective of being a top runner fan and never dip their feet for something new, believing their guy that they support has a shot at the world title. This is one of the real considerations I’m having leaving these kind of blogs for good since nobody can make a stand with a different driver without getting insulted or jeered at from all sides, so what if I do give them verbal back I have a right to believe in something different to the rest of the gerneral f1 population.

    I wouldn’t rate Nico above the obvious top 3 but I believe he is better than Massa, Jenson and Webber and getting closer to Kubica. If Nico was given the Mclaren of Jenson or the Ferrari of Massa the constructors title might of gone the other way and the gap between the drivers would of been far tighter, if given the Red Bull I’m certain he would of beaten vettel with all his mistakes.


    P.S I can’t be bothered to spell check it or make sure the grammer is ok, it’s late so save the quotes for somebody who cares.



    Well, being a HUGE Kubica fan, I can only say that I dislike Nico because of how close his talent is to Kubica’s. Maybe he’s a little less talented then Kubica imo, but his result last year was indeed quite impressive. I have one real problem with Nico’s driving, and that’s that he wastes opportunities. Singapore 2009, China last year, they all could have been great performances. But because of an error or mistake (and letting someone pass is a mistake) he made, he did not finish to his fullest potential. Is he WDC material? Possibly, but it’s rather unlikely, as Mercedes isn’t looking to good, and after a couple bad years with Williams and Merc, his Rep. could be ruined.



    I think why many people don’t count Nico cause he still haven’t had the chance of proving himself. I do rate him just as much I do Lewis,but he seems to end up in a team which don’t have the pace. If he ever have a WC winning car then we can find out where he really stands relative to other drivers.



    For the record, I consider most of the Kubica praise to be hype too, so I don’t see Rosberg any differently. In a way you’ve answered your own question: when we have Alonso, Hamilton and Vettel around, it’s no wonder people forget about Britney.



    I’ll admit to doubting Nico Rosberg pre-2010 as in his previous F1 seasons he firstly been demolished my Webber in 2006, beaten Wurz in 07 who lets face was way past his best and hadn’t raced for 6 years to something, and then in 08 and 09 he was against Nakajima, enough said. Hence had never been measured against a decent teammate but after smashing Schumacher last year I quickly relised his very strong talent, so much so I put a little wager on him winning the championship at $17. Then I come home and bring up F1Fanatic and learn this years Mercedes is worst then last years lol


    Nic Morley

    I’ve never had anythign against Nico. I think he’s got a lot of talent and reckon he deserves a top drive. He’s beaten all of his teamates except for Webber.



    I’ve never had anything against Nico either. In fact I would rate him amongst the top 5 drivers on the grid, and he definitely ranks in to the top league of drivers such as Fernando, Lewis, Seb and Robert. But he still has to prove himself, much like Robert has to as well. He has thrown away some good opportunities in the past, but I guess if we put him in last years RB6, he would have been capable of winning the WDC.

    I think Rosberg’s teammate has a fan following like no other, and that is why you will always have die hard Schumi fans trying to underestimate Rosberg, and calling 2010 season a ‘warm up season’ for Schumi. I think that Rosberg is the toughest teammate that Schumi has ever had, and I’m sure that if he beats Schumi convincingly for a 2nd season in a row, then people will take him a whole lot more seriously.


    Dan Thorn

    I’ve always highly rated Rosberg, ever since his stunning first race I’ve been a big fan. The trouble is that at the same time as Rosberg debuted, guys like Vettel, Hamilton and Kubica also started and grabbed all the headlines, so in a way his achievements have been less notable.

    Could Rosberg win a WDC? Yes, I think he could, but it wouldn’t be in a dominant way with wins left right and centre, but through sheer consistency. He always races strongly but I think he really needs a win under his belt to get that final boost of confidence that I think he’s lacking at the moment.

    I certainly don’t want to see him become another Heidfeld, which I think he’s in danger of…



    I think Rosberg has done a tremendous job for Mercedes. I rated him as the driver of the year in 2010.



    Well…consider that you just said yourself you wouldn’t consider Nico Rosberg top 3 material and you’ve just answered your question! Yes he beat a 7x WDC last season…but he also beat a driver who was in retirement for 3 years and in his early 40’s.

    He was never going places with Williams. Give him time.


    sbl on tour

    rosberg, a bit of a corporate entity and doesnt really stir any passion, doesnt show much personality a la webber, alonso , button. can take him or leave him, yawn



    I think Nico Rosberg suffers from “Nick Heidfeld Syndrome” in that he is consistent if not spectacular, steady if not flamboyant and “just” gets the job done consistently rather than grabbing the headlines with spectacular drives. He is also a PR Managers dream, pretty, clean cut, well spoken, mild mannered, which some people seem to hold him because most folks prefer drivers who “tell it like it is” (because it makes for good telly probably). Personally I rate him as highly as KUB and I think that his performance in 2010 was truly remarkable.

    A possible WDC? I see no reason why he couldn’t win it if given the right car.



    I haven’t seen any hate for Rosberg…?



    I don’t think anyone hates him, there are just a few guys on track that are easier to like. I like him though, think he’s a top driver, but unless a team with a car capable of winning races signs him up, he won’t get mentioned in the same breath as Seb, Alonso, Lewis etc because he won’t be racing in the same league as them. Nothing personal though I don’t think.



    I have always believed Rosberg is a real talented driver, not as much as many world champions but still very good.

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