Shocks to expect in Melbourne

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    This really is getting exciting, i never have experienced such a tantalising wait in an f1 pre-season, according to German press, RB bosses are getting worried at how quick Mercs and Ferrari were able to lap at Barcelona, with all experts expecting “shocks” and heads to be “turned” come Melbourne; this is my list of the expected “shocks”:

    1)Mercs front row Lock-out, clear by 0.5 secs
    2)Red Bull really struggle and only 1 driver makes Q3
    3)Mclaren are off the pace and struggle like RB
    4)Both Williams in top 8
    5)Marussia make Q2 ahead of Torro Rosso



    Maldonado, Grosjean and Bottas occupy the P1, P2 and P3 slots on the grid respectively.

    I think this could actually happen



    If Maldonado and Grosjean occupy the front row, two people should be ready to go out on track ASAP:
    1. Bernd Maylander
    2. Whoever is driving the ambulance
    Not to mentions the marshals, they should duck first though.



    This year there seems to be a heightened sense of expectation that something really exciting is going to happen, so the biggest shock will be if Vettel and Red Bull are comfortably out in front, with Ferrari and McLaren following. In other words, the biggest shock would be a return of the 2011 season.


    Lucas Wilson

    Please no lol


    Alex green

    sky or the bbc to mention anybody else apart from lewis would be the biggest shock



    I’m sure Coulthard will occasionally mention di Resta.



    Biggest shock- if Webber lifts a throphy at his home GP!!
    Could be his last year and I really hope he pulls that off at least once.



    Both Saubers and both Williams make it to Q3. Hamilton Makes it into Q3 but only just, with Rosberg not making it to the final session. RBR Are fast and lock out the front row, Ferrari and the McLaren of Button fighting for 3rd-5th. Perez doesn’t make it into Q3 for his first race at McLaren.

    Thats what I think we can expect in Australia.



    @polishboy808 – “Both Saubers and both Williams make it to Q3”

    That would be a shock mate- I am not a bettng man but would take a little wager on that one.
    Seems what most are saying is that Bottas will be in the mix from the outset?……….. new thread to follow.


    Duncan Smith

    Rosberg to out-qualify Hamilton



    If enough people expect it, is it still a shock?
    Look out for Toro Rosso. Their closest rivals have bagged all the attention over the winter with their driver changes, late announcements and so on, but continuity and stronger engineering could pay off and maybe get them deep into the top ten.
    More likely one of the fancied teams will struggle all weekend – Melbourne seems to be like that.


    Timothy Katz

    Kimi refuses an ice cream.



    The biggest shocks to me would be if Rosberg knocks the socks off Lewis. And if Perez actually DOES turn out to be good.


    Duncan Smith

    Chilton manages to get to lap 10

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