Should DRS be used just by “not-in-the-points-places” drivers?

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    I’ve just came up with a probably silly idea, which could be to use DRS only from places 12th or lower. That could show some overtaking (and cameras) on the back as well as real racing on the front. Probably it sounds unfair but that would make points more worth than what it currently is. Why from 12th to the back? Well imagine 11th is allowed to overtake 10th “artificially” so it would damage the “real” racing. I would really like to read some replies about this.



    This is a silly idea, it’s almost as silly as giving the gut that starts 18th on the grid a whole load of fresh tyres so he has an advantage in the race…. oh no hang on a moment…

    People want to see the stars going at it, that stars are usually at the front. DRS makes action all over the grid, why should the people interested in the lead be denied watching the front runners overtake eachother?

    it would never work



    I’m confused, why is the racing at the back of the field not “real”? F1 is as much about the battles in the midfield and at the back as it is about the battle at the front. If it wasn’t we would only have 4, no make that 3, teams out there.



    That’s a nice idea @omarr-pepper , I would love to watch more midfield fights, they are no worse than battles for the lead. To be honest, I’d be happy to see DRS disappear completely but your idea would improve the current situation. But I also wouldn’t give DRS to top 5 or top 6 teams, I think it should be given only to the weakest teams. A Red Bull doesn’t need a DRS to come through the field. It would still be artificial but better than it is now when the rules give additional advantage to those cars who are fastest anyway.




    you want to give DRS to just the slower teams to make it less artificial?

    DRS is fair because everyone has it and everyone can use it in the same way.


    well so… counting the votes, 1 in favor and 3 against. It wouldn’t work.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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