Should I see F1 in 2013 or 2014

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    With the 2013 New Jersey race planned i am excited to finally go to my first race. Then i realized the regulation changes for 2014 and was thinking maybe the racing and sound of the turbo V6 would be better than the current formula. Do you guys think the racing will be better in 2014 with the new regs?


    Keith Collantine

    That’s an interesting question. Assuming you’ve got no other preferences for seeing any particular drivers or teams, and you can’t afford to go both years, I’d hold off until 2014 and see what the new-look F1 is like.

    But I’m sure some people will tell you to go hear the V8s while they’re still around…



    I don’t see how the engines would influence racing in terms of overtaking – but the sound of the new engines would be a mystery to me.

    On the one hand; you’re getting the full force of all the cylinders in one tailpipe. On the other hand – the turbo does sap a lot of that exhaust energy; so could dampen the sound.



    I’d love to have V10’s back, they were going out of F1 as I was getting into it



    Keith, you’re right, I think you should definitely experience the V8s before they go. At least then you won’t regret it in the future when you’re looking back on old clips where you can hear the V8s whilst thinking “Man, I wish I could have heard those in action…” – I know I regret never hearing V10s in the real.



    I think 2013 is the best. the V8’s are only around for 2 more years while those V6’s could be around for 20. Thank you all for your input



    Go to both, and why not. Ok, sure its not cheap and you’l probably miss out on a holiday but think about it, its F1 with a NY back drop. You’l see the 2013 cars (which should be similar to this years and hopefully with better noses) and the V8s and the top drivers should be in the fastest car, and then the 2014 ones the year after which might look completely different.



    Good question, but I would go sooner rather than later. Nothing against the V6 configuration but like you said yourself Kevin, they will be around for a while yet.

    End of an era and all that!

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