Should we be proud of Caterham signing Kobayashi?

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    I recall Koba saying he had no seat last year due to no sponsors. This would imply he didn’t pay for his seat.

    As such, is it not amazing a small team like Caterham can afford to hire a paid driver?


    Prisoner Monkeys

    He paid for the seat with money he raised. Most of it came from fans.



    Thats a good point. When Heikki decided to help the team and stand aside after the end of 2012 he was still being paid a decent salary, maybe 2.5-3mill, but they soon discover they needed an experianced driver.

    Maybe Caterham get that experiance with Koba without much of a salary and he lives of the KK Supporters donations?? I cant remember how much it was but I think it was a significant amount!?
    It could be a good comprimise for each, but yes, the money will need to come from somewhere!




    This one says 4miil pound. I know you cant rely on these of course but I was pretty sure he was still getting paid a few mill and thats why they asked if he would stand aside. I know the others bought money of course they also would have been a big factor.



    @garns 4 millions? Caterham? To Kovalainen? No way in hell.


    Bradley Downton

    Personally I was never the biggest fan of Kobayashi. He was impressive in his first few races, and in Japan that time, but in most of his races with Sauber I never really saw the fighting spirit that excited everyone in his races with Toyota.

    I think van der Garde or Kovalainen would have been equally as good choices – not necessarily better, nor worse, but equally as good, however knowing the teams position I can see why they chose who they did.



    I’ve never understood the hype regarding Kobayashi. The only occasions in his F1 career so far that live in the memory are his first races at Toyota and his podium.

    But I have nothing against Caterham picking him as some experience was required with Ericsson. It’ll be interesting to see whether Ericsson can take the fight to him.



    i think it’s related to the tyres. in 2009 and 2010 you could push the tyres as much as you like, pull of late braking overtakes without worrying about ruining your tyres.

    from 2011 you had to be careful with them. that didnt allow Kobayashi to show his full potential. IMO…


    Iestyn Davies

    Indeed, Kobayashi will have to show the consistency that Perez beat him with in 2012 (if not pit strategy as well). His style is also more aggressive, so his raw pace has been stunted a little by increasing degradation (same as Maldonado this year).

    He’s driving for free, and the money he raised from fans (£1.5m) and now Japanese companies (comes to 9m Euros total, maybe with interest) will go to Caterham for increased car development. Add in Ericsson (13m Euro) and Frijns (6m Euro) and it’s clear all 3 will be driving next year. Frijns could have bought a GP2 seat with 2m Euros of that pot, and had 4m left over for a reserve driver role still getting running… I have a feeling Frijns’ progress will be monitored against the two race drivers actively. Possibly the same with VDG at Sauber; his big sponsorship pot (15m Euros) could see him jump Sirotkin and claim a seat there in 2015.



    Dutch power!



    I read somewhere that Marcus said he is for the first time in his life getting paid to race.

    Any truth to this?


    Prisoner Monkeys

    There may be. Pay drivers do get paid, usually out of the money they brings to the team. Sponsors know they aren’t just paying the team for their driver to be there, but that they are the ones paying the salary.

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