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    As I was watching the build up of the Singapore GP I saw that before the driver comes out on the grid for the race start they have a 15 minutes where they can go out on track drive couple of laps & then driver through the pitlane, they does this to check that everything is OK with the car, There are some questions that I want to ask,

    1. Do they carry race fuel with them when they does that, 150-160 KG?

    2 .Do they put race tyre when they drive, as all top 10 runner had to start the race with SOFT tyre or does they put old used tyre?

    3. If the handling is wrong can they do any set up changes, as far I know they can only work on their front wings?

    Hope F1F people can answer that.



    They don’t have to carry race fuel, but i’d expect they are…

    They can run a different set of tyres, so most will do their runs with scrubbed sets from FP3 etc… The top 10 don’t have to put their quali tyres back on til they’re on the grid

    I believe the cars a still in parc ferme, so the set up changes available are pretty minimal – front wing, tyre pressures…



    1. yes. In the re-fueling era ‘burn laps’ were used to adjust strategy pre-race.

    2. yes

    3. only change what they can do in a pit-stop, except for tires. ie. wing adjustments etc. any significant body change from parc ferme (and this is defined in the regulations) would require the car to start from pit lane

    these early laps are installation laps, they run through a check list of all race systems (drink, radio, engine map, clutch settings for the start, under/over steer etc. etc.)

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