Silly season for 2011

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    Autosport are now saying that Eric wants to sit and talk with Kimi face to face and that he’s stopped discussions with some drivers so who do you think will get the seat?

    There’s also Quick Nick and what he’ll do next year.

    HRT have had so many drivers this season and Klien recently trounced Senna.

    Will Virgin stick with di Grassi?

    Will Hulk stay in the Williams?

    STr look like they’ll stick with their two but given the history I’m not taking anything for granted.

    Then there’s the FI situation with Paul and will he replace Tonio or race alongside him if Sutil moves on.

    Then there’s the possibility for GP2 graduates.

    Rumours Chandhok will get a drive but as much as I like him I’m not convinced.

    We’ve gone from having the nothingness of silly season to actually quite a good one.

    There’s also JV on the hunt for a team so where will he come into play?

    So what do you think will happen?

    RBR- same

    Ferrari- same

    Mclaren- same

    Renault- same

    Sauber- same or Maldonado instead of Nick

    STR- same

    Force India- Sutil and Paul

    Virgin- Glock but I’m really not sure about Lucas.

    HRT- Klien and Senna. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Klien and Yam.

    Lotus (discussion on the main site) – Heikki and hopefully Jarno. Doubt they’d go for Fauzy. If not Jarno then Petrov perhaps.



    I think it’s too early for difinitive lists so I’ll just leave this here

    RBR – Tick

    Ferrari – Tick

    McLaren – Tick

    Mercedes ? Ros for definite but I also don’t give much credence to the Michael rumours maybe Sutil?

    Renault ? Kubica obviously but I suspect they’ll ship Petrov out if they can, he’s just not top league. Glock maybe, Suitil, Raikkonen would suprise the hell out of me but I suppose anythings possible.

    Force India ? Had it’s technical team nicked I reckon this team is going to start sliding now, it’s time Sutil moved up and he knows it so he’ll jump on any oppourtunities Renault or Mercedes offer him. Di Resta will most likley be in the car next year, Liuzzi will only stay if Sutil leaves, FOrce India is not going to want 2 rookies.

    Williams – Tick

    Sauber ? Kamui and Heidfeld would be their best bet. so errr Tick

    STR, well the door’s gonna start revolving sometime, they need to have some damn impressive drives to stay in it now.

    Lotus ? Heikki is definatley staying, no doubt about that, jarno is rumoured to have had enough an is on his way out of his own accord, which leaves an interesting question. Petrov? Glock? Maldonado?

    Virgin ? Di Grassi is apparently super consitant and a giver of great technical feedback so he’ll probably scrape in, they want Glock obviously but they’ll have a hard time keeping him if Renault come a calling, maybe even Lotus.

    HRT ? What can we say, this team is a disaster, same wings in Monza and Singapore, if there ven here next year, which is damn doubtfull racing the same car they raced last year lol, then Klien and Senna, and Chandock, an the Sheik who drove that Renault a little while ago.

    Don’t really feel we need them in F1. What the FIA is release a tender for the two spots on the grid for when the rule changes come in, and release the tender damn early, like before the rules are released, award the tender on the day the next seasons rules come out and see what the hells comes of it.



    RBR – Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel

    Ferrari – Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso

    McLaren – Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton

    Mercedes – Kimi Raikkonen and Nico Rosberg

    Renault – Kimi Raikkonen and Robert Kubica



    STR might get bought out, and if they were the new owners would be mad to keep both drivers (I say Buemi is favourite for the chop). I can see Kimi at Renault but only based on Eric’s comments. Elsewhere I see no change except at Lotus and HRT.



    I do not buy the Raikkonen-to-Renault or Raikkonen-to-RBR rumors just yet (neither those of Massa-Kubica swap and Webber retirement), so I would go with a stable top 4. It seems that the silly season depends on Sutil at the moment. He has two choices. Stay at FI to get promoted whenever Schumi retires, or jump to Renault.

    *In the first case, it should be considered sure that di Resta gets the Liuzzi seat for 2011. Glock gets the second Renault seat, and VR goes to a di Grassi-de Ambrosio duo for 2011.

    * In the second case, the team gets di Resta a seat for sure. The second seat is kept by Liuzzi, with Chandhok as tester. Glock stays at VR.

    Both cases include Trulli retirement and Petrov replacing him at the Tony Fernandes’ team (no name guess) as part of the deal with Renault, with Kovalainen as team mate.

    In other issues, I expect both Williams and STR to keep their drivers for 2011. The Mexican money brought to Sauber are expected to bring Sergio Perez as well, while I have no clue who will get that HRT money, in case they are around at 2011 as well.



    Ahahaaa! Tommy I like your idea. A fleet of Kimis driving around the circuit. Can you imagine an all Kimi podium? The press conference would be epic.

    In all seriousness though, I think Will Buxton is probably right about Trulli retiring voluntarily. It seems likely then that Petrov would get offloaded to Lotus (or whatever they’re called), in which case I would guess that Kimi’s unlikely to come to Renault, leaving Glock and Sutil as the next obvious candidates. Based on the teams previous attempt to sign Glock, if I had to wager I’d put my money on Glock over Sutil.

    Marko already stated that the STR lineup would be unchanged, but take that for what it’s worth.

    Sauber have confirmed Kobayashi, and I think there’s about a 50/50 chance of Heidfeld or Maldonado. Heidfeld’s performance against Kobi in the final races will likely seal his fate.

    Force India would be silly not to put DiResta in the car.

    Virgin will probably keep DiGrassi for sure if Glock moves to Renault, but may choose to replace him if they retain Glock.

    HRT is really anybody’s guess. If you believe the rumors they might not make it to the end of the season, so we’ll see.

    I think Williams, Mercedes, RBR, Ferrari, and McLaren are all pretty likely to stay the same. The exceptions being if Schumi retires and if Ferrari decide to try and offload Massa back to Sauber. If either of those things happen it would be the biggest news of silly season (as would a Rikknen return).

    In any case, it should be interesting to sit back and watch.



    @ TommyB89

    Kimi is everywhere, LOL



    Lotus ? Kovalinen and Klien?



    Every team needs a Kimi.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Finnish reports claim Petrov will stay at Renault – Glock, Sutil and Heidfeld have all backed out of negotiations and talk of Raikkonen was only ever to get Petrov’s sponsors to pay up.


    Am I the only one who hasn’t missed Kimi at all this year? I used to pray at his altar for the longest time but now I’m completely indifferent to him.



    Can you imagine an all Kimi podium? The press conference would be epic.

    It would be better with 3 Mikas!



    Am I the only one who hasn’t missed Kimi at all this year?




    Perez to race with Kamui at Sauber next season http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/87193

    Damn!!! Knew I should have said Pastor or Perez. One wrong already :P


    Red Andy

    The involvement of Carlos Slim and Telmex should also lay to rest any rumours that Slim might be on the verge of buying Toro Rosso.

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