Silverstone – 1st time & intimidated, need tips on accommodation


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    Hi everyone, this is going to be my first time going to Silvestone, got gifted platinum weekend grand stand tickets. I am super excited but also quite intimidated I’m gonna make some big “first time mistakes”.

    I haven’t yet booked any accommodation. I’m looking now and there is a travelodge I can find in Northamptonshire for 64 or in Milton keyenes for the same amount. There is one right next to Silvertsone (apparently 3 miles from the circuit entrance) – Towcaster Silverstone Travelodge that’s 98 -> which one is worth getting?

    There are 3 of us so I don’t think camping will be worth it (apparently 50 per person so that makes it 150)

    How crowded does A43 get? How long will it take to get from Northampton to the circuit? Then comes to issue of parking… apparently that costs 50 too.

    Lastly, when are you meant to make it on the circuit itself on Saturday & Sunday?

    There is just a lot of things to take it. Can someone please write up their personal experience or link me to an “advice” like section? I’m in quite some need of help & it’s getting quite a bit overwhelming.



    Hi there mate,

    There is discussion regarding silverstone here:

    Silverstone – spectators’ experiences

    and here:

    2011 British Grand Prix discussion

    most of your questions should be answered there – but do feel free to ask there as well. As it is the policy of the website to have the discussion on these main pages that i’ve linked to you, this topic is now closed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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